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Phoenix Bajaj
Jan 25, 2019 · 5 min read

New year, new plugin! Based on the valuable feedback, we at Katalysis have released a new version of the wallet that allows readers to pay for your content faster and safer — now called Feather. This is an instruction manual on how to set it up on your WordPress website (click here to get the plugin if you don’t have it). Additionally, please don’t hesitate to email us at hello@katalysis.io if you have any feedback.

A1. Update plugin (if already installed)

  1. In your WordPress admin page, hover over “Dashboard” and click “Updates”.
  2. Select Feather by Katalysis under “Plugins” and then press Update Plugins.
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A2. Install the plugin (if you don’t have it already)

  1. In your WordPress admin page, open “Plugins” in the bar on the left and click on “Add New”.
  2. Download the plugin here, upload the file and install.
  3. Press Activate, and now you can see the plugin “Feather” in the panel on the left-hand side.
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B. Set up the plugin

  1. Open Feather in the panel: please read & accept the Terms & Conditions and enter your email address. Note: this is the email address we will store as a communication end in regards to your bank details, cash-outs and article statistics.
  2. Fill in your default share of each payment & number of paragraphs to show as a teaser before your readers pay for your article.
  3. Fill in the wallet settings to adjust the colour and welcome message of the wallet that shows the reader how to purchase the article. All you need to do here is to replace the text after the “= ” e.g. to change the color to red, replace 222222 with FF0000, resulting in color-primary= FF0000. Same goes for welcome-message-header and welcome-message-text.
  4. Press save.
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C. Upload article

  1. Add a new post and write your article just as you’re used to.

2. If you tick “Paid content”, this allows the wallet to appear on the article as a paywall once published.

3. Enter your preferred price in euros. Please note: do not forget the comma or period when setting your price if you would like to indicate a price in cents. For instance 0,50 and 0.50 represent 50 cents, 050 will mean your price is 50 euros.

4. Keep or change the number of paragraphs to show before the reader pays for your article. Please note: if you’d like to keep the same number of paragraphs for each article published in the future, you can change the default settings as described above.

5. Press ‘Publish’ and your article is now published on your website!

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The published article can be consumed for the price you’ve set. If you’re interested in learning about how this process would work, you can read this blog post where we explain step-by-step the consumer flow.

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The agreements in the Feather panel will be stored on a blockchain. This agreement is something called a smart contract. Whenever the content is consumed this smart contract is automatically executed and you will receive 80% of the price every time your article is purchased. Of the remaining 20% will go to us, Katalysis.

How do I get paid? And do I need an account?

The blockchain technology keeps track of who owes what to whom. With the current version of the plugin, payments are done manually on request by emailing us at support@katalysis.io with the registered email address in the plugin settings, indicating that you’d like to cash-out your earnings. In our upcoming version this will be automated, with you as a freelance journalist in complete control.

The automated cash-out feature will be within a dashboard. Below is a snapshot of how your dashboard might look.

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The idea of this design is to let you see how often your article is read, how much money you’ve made and finally cash-out your revenue. Some more features we’d like to implement in this dashboard are the distribution of revenue to other contributors, ability to change the price of a published article, representation of timestamps of each read, and scheduling of posts to upload in the future. We will update you as soon as this system is ready for you to use!

More upcoming features

Re-publishing is an upcoming feature that allows you to grow a larger audience and increase your earnings. Digital writers or publishers can repost your article on their website while you maintain ownership, and hence accordingly receive revenue when articles are bought. Because we link back to you (using the smart contract), you will get paid, minus a share of the profits of the platform reusing it. By doing so, you can increase your potential reach exponentially and grow your readership.

The ability to add subscriptions and donations in surplus to the current pay-per-read model as payment options is coming soon too!


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