Feather — the wallet side

The new, faster and secure version of your wallet is here and ready to use! We at Katalysis have spent the last few months testing and developing it in order to provide an easy flow for the reader while giving the writer more functionalities to work with. If an article has this paywall in front of it, here’s a quick instruction on how to access it in just a matter of clicks.

This is how our wallet looks on a published article, as an example:

A. Login or Signup

To continue reading, the reader has to click the button to get started.

  1. We solely request an email address to either login or signup (since we don’t require a password to identify a user) and to accept the terms & conditions.
  2. Readers receive a notification to check their email to verify themselves.
  3. By opening an email from Katalysis, the reader can click a verification link and get redirected back to the article.

B. Top-up (if you’re new OR don’t have enough credit)

  1. Now that the reader is back at the article, they need credit to purchase it. Click on the icon on the right side and select “Add credit” in the drop-down below.
  2. Choose how much money they’d like to add to their account, and press “Continue”. Note: we provide a rough estimate of how many articles they can read with the selected amount, but this may vary since each writer can price articles to his or her own desire.
  3. Next, the reader can choose to pay with either iDeal or Credit Card. Once they’ve completed their selection and inserted details, please press “Pay”.
  4. Once the payment process has completed, the reader will now have that amount added to their credit.

C. Read!

The reader is now able to read any article by just clicking “Continue reading”. Once a reader has paid for an article, they will be able to see that they’ve done the same in their wallet below the article, as shown below. Hence, they can access it as long as the writer keeps the article available online.

How do I login again?

As mentioned above, we only need to identify the reader by email. Once the reader closes the browser they are reading on, they are automatically logged out of the system. To log back in again, simply enter the registered email address, open the email sent from us in your inbox and click the verification link. You are logged back in and can start from where you left off.