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4 min readFeb 21, 2018


This article will be updated whenever we make an adjustment, last version: 21–02–18

Finally, you can use it! Our smart contract blockchain backed payment button is embedded at Reporters Online. The button has been in testing phase until now, and we are still improving. In order to make it even better, we want your feedback. So start using, testing and try to break the tech (ugh.. no.. ;-)): please don’t hold back! Send all your suggestions to us: hello@katalysis.io, we will remember you and your effort — that’s our promise to you!

Katalysis Plugin

First of all; a new payment button, why? Yes, the button itself may not be as exciting; green, rectangular, you can click it and read an article if you have sufficient funds … So, why should you be so enthusiastic? Well, that’s because of all the possibilities this button will offer for both journalists and the reader.

Technology Blockchain

The technology behind our new payment button is the blockchain technology. By now we all must have heard the story of blockchain as the technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In our product we use a blockchain — the decentralized datastore — to keep track of which journalist has the right to what percentage of the article’s revenue. This way we can pay the journalists in a fair, simple and transparent manner. The blockchain also holds information for those who are entitled, if you have paid, to read the article. We will walk through it step by step; how you can use the payment button and explain in an easy way what happens in the back end.

A. New user

  1. Enter your email address.
  2. You will now receive an email sent to your entered email address.
  3. Click on the ‘link account’ button in this mail (also check your spam if you cannot find it!). Et voilà! See ‘Top up’.
  4. Wait but what?? You didn’t receive an email? Did you check your spam folder as well? Really? Sure? Absolutely? And still didn’t receive an e-mail? No worries — click on the ‘resend’ — button. If still nothing happens, most probably we already have picked it up, or you can send us an e-mail: support@katalysis.io

Now we’ve created your unique ID tied to your e-mail address on the blockchain. Now we are going to top up the wallet.

B. Top up

  1. Click on ‘It’s time to top up’ + sign.
  2. Choose the amount with how much you want to top up your credit.
  3. Choose your preferred payment method: iDeal, MasterCard or Visa.
  4. Enter your details and click confirm.
  5. After finishing the payment your wallet has been upgraded with the chosen amount.

Your email address is now linked to the topped up amount in the blockchain. You can always log in and out — your e-mail address and your credits will be linked. Easy right!

C. Read article

  1. Click on open article.
  2. Tadaaaaaaa! You can now read the article and the value of the article will be deducted from your account.

As soon as you press the payment button, you connect to the blockchain back end. Here we’ve stored an agreement with the author and publisher of the article you want to read (this is called a Smart Contract, see: Why Blockchain? — because duh!). In this agreement we’ve stored what percentage of the article cost goes to who. So, when you pay, these agreements (smart contract) are automatically enforced.

At a later stage I will explain what the back end looks like for the journalist to have a full understanding of how it all works. For now we would love to have your feedback to improve our product so that you will have the best experience reading articles. Send your suggestions to: hello@katalysis.io

Happen to know, or do you run, a platform for which this technology is interesting? Do connect with us! We have room for more platforms to enroll in a larger pilot. Are you the one connecting us to the right platform? We will not forget, and we will come up with a suitable reward! Connect with us through: hello@katalysis.io

PS. I will try to keep this article updated whenever we make an adjustment of the plugin (last version: 21-02-18)



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