Why TripSafe — The Not-For-Profit Travel App

Stephen Bailey
Nov 5, 2020 · 3 min read

Like so many of you reading, myself and the people at TripSafe have watched on as decades of hard work have been destroyed in six devastating months.

2020 has been terrible for tourism, for hospitality, for small businesses, for almost everyone who has put their life into creating something. 2020 has been a year when so much has unraveled.

We at TripSafe are a team of travel professionals who have watched our travel businesses all but disappear.

We believe that blaming tourism for coronavirus is simple convenience and it’s ruining communities, businesses, livelihoods, even entire countries.

We’re tired of tourism being blamed and scapegoated for coronavirus, especially after all the precautions and sacrifices tourism has made.

So we decided to do something about it.

TripSafe is a not for profit project. We believe that together we can encourage millions of people to travel more and to travel now, by providing them with the most reliable information.

We believe that together we can save jobs and businesses.

So we need your support.

  1. Tell your friends about TripSafe (even if you don’t agree with the idea)
  2. Follow us on social and share our campaign
  3. Sign up for early access so you’re first to use the new app
  4. Become a contributor and share valuable information in the app.

We are not for profit. We can’t sit around watching our own businesses disappear because tourism is finished. People can travel now. People can travel more.

If you share our idea then share our message. We can’t make this happen without you. Together we can travel. We can bring back tourism faster, better and safer.

Travel can happen now. It can be safe. It’s the same virus everywhere. Responsible travellers are not responsible for spreading a virus in a place where the virus already exists, especially with precautions like PCR tests.

To save tourism we need to act now. Not after we have a vaccine. Not in six months. Now. The more we do now, the faster tourism can recover. That may be 10, 50, 100 million jobs saved.

The more we do now the safer we make travel in the future. This virus isn’t going to vanish, we will need strategies to make tourism safe. And the sooner we do this the safer we make travel.

TripSafe is about communities and travellers working together, sharing information that makes tourism safe and prevents the spread of Covid-19. It’s about the 300 million jobs in tourism and an industry representing 1 in 11 jobs worldwide.

We are making TripSafe for free. We are doing this for our own businesses, for our colleagues, for our friends and our industry. We’re doing this for 300 million people in tourism, the people who are responsible for many of the best memories we will ever have, the memories we gain from great travel.

Be proud to travel now. Be proud to travel more. Be proud to TripSafe.

TripSafe Founders — David Eder, Stepan Borovec, Stephen Bailey

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