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5 min readNov 30, 2022


AI is used in many industries to drive business value, yet there are not many AI solutions deployed into production. Despite the amazing potential benefits, deploying AI solutions can be difficult due to a lack of communication between those in charge of budgets and those responsible for technology implementation creating tensions across the organization.

It is often cited that citizen data scientists may find success using low-code AutoML tools to drive data science projects across many industries, their lack of statistical mastery tends to lead them straight into a brick wall when it comes to one critical aspect of data science: being able to work with the data.

Unfortunately, only using citizen data scientists will often fail to deliver value because they don’t have the necessary skills or expertise to work with data. They may be able to use basic tools like Excel or SQL, but they’re not familiar with more sophisticated techniques like machine learning or data mining. As a result, they may not be able to properly analyze and interpret data, leading to inaccurate predictions and poor decision-making.

I believe that businesses should put a new view into role MLOps will evolve into harnessing as a mission critical capability of the future. It has the potential to be a powerful AI tool, so long as the business value is central to its purpose and reliable and trustworthy AI usage is adopted.

Katonic is built from the ground up as one platform and supports a full MLOps lifecycle from data collection to model training and deployment. The founding team at Katonic is comprised of veterans from the AI, MLOps and SaaS industries. This combination of experience and enthusiasm creates an atmosphere where the company can quickly develop innovative solutions for its customers.

Katonic’s speed of growth greatly impressed me. In a span of only eight months of making the Platform Generally available, Katonic has managed to acquire over ten enterprise customers- when it normally takes unto 9 months of the sales cycle to close any enterprise deal and this is all while maintaining Katonic’s momentum and making improvements to the platform.

The combination of a winning culture and the company’s success is truly unique, and I want to invest my time in it. Here are five other reasons why I joined the Katonic team and why you should keep an eye on this company in 2023.

Katonic is a company that innovates technology for the future.

Katonic is built from the ground up as one platform and supports a full MLOps lifecycle from data collection to model training and deployment. Katonic’s platform uses state-of-the-art AI technologies, microservices and open-source software components that enable data scientists to rapidly prototype, deploy and operate ML models in production.

Built on Kubernetes, Katonic is completely cloud agnostic and works across public clouds as well as private cloud/on-premises deployments. This allows companies to easily switch between different clouds or use hybrid architectures according to their needs.

Katonic is the only open tool and language-agnostic MLOps platform. They stayed ahead of the curve by designing a future proof solution; as new tools are released, they can be smoothly integrated into Katonic. This all happens elastically in the cloud- Katonic will scale down resources when work completes to save you money.

Katonic helps with alignment with Business Value.

For too many companies, there’s a disconnect between creating models and delivering business value. AI Strategy, and the process of delivering AI, should prioritize alignment to an organization’s business strategy over perfecting models. Katonic provides accelerators where there are over 140 Use cases across various domains. This enables data scientists to understand the business problems they are solving and helps them effectively communicate their findings to those who need them, whether it is to other scientists or business leaders.

Katonic provides the ability to build and deploy production grade machine learning web apps using streamlit , dash. These AI apps can be deployed as scalable microservices with just a few clicks and provides the ability to build custom dashboards and visualizations to present data in an easy-to-understand format. This makes it easier for stakeholders to understand what is happening in the models, how they are performing, and which areas need improvement.

Katonic was born in Australia with a focus on APAC.

Katonic was founded in Australia, and they are heavily invested in APAC. This region is known as the “next frontier” of tech innovation, with a rapidly rising demand for MLOps solutions. Katonic has the edge over other companies because it provides its customers with cutting-edge technology and the training and expertise they need to succeed in this quickly evolving market.

Katonic is designed for Collaboration.

Katonic is designed to be code-first, low-code and no-code friendly. This makes it easy for anyone within an organization to use Katonic, regardless of their technical expertise. Katonic also allows data scientists and business users to collaborate seamlessly, enabling the organization to develop and deploy ML models quickly.

The Platform also offers powerful collaboration tools so data teams can collaborate more efficiently. Finally, it enables stakeholders to share insights and outcomes in a way that is meaningful to them through interactive reports and dashboards.

Katonic has a Strong Partner Network

Their partner network is their strength, and they continue to grow it. Katonic has a first-mover advantage and product maturity with deep IP that is challenging to replicate. The Katonic Partner Ecosystem brings in organizations that, alongside Katonic, provide best-in-class solutions in three areas: Technology partners, Solution Partners and OEM. Katonic has formed partnerships with small and large cloud providers, Snowflake, and is part of the Nvidia Inception Program. They have developed relationships with system integrators and strategic consultancies and managed service partners and value-added resellers. To name a few, their current partnerships are CGI, DXC, Luxoft, WNS, Kyndyl, and Inspira. Such a supportive network allows them to implement an AI strategy that would benefit all parties involved.

For these reasons and more, I’m excited to be part of the Katonic team. Keep an eye on this company as it continues to scale in 2023! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and stories — we’re just getting started!

About the author:

Richard Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, Katonic.ai

Richard Jones is a highly experienced sales and delivery leader, with over 25 years of global experience. He has a proven track record in building successful go-to-market organizations, and driving sales growth across Asia Pacific & Japan.

Prior to joining Katonic, Richard was at Dataiku, where he served as Vice President of APAC. In this role, he was responsible for all sales and business development activity throughout the region. Before Dataiku, Richard held multiple roles at Automation Anywhere, AntWorks & Cloudera, as well as Informatica for nine years. In each of these positions, he has successfully grown revenues and delivered value to customers.

Richard is known for his ability to build strong relationships with customers and partners alike, and his passion for helping others achieve success.




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