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Case Study: Creating core messaging around a new product

Designing and piloting a new volunteer experience

🖥️ Helping Hands Community ✏️ UX Writing ⚒️ Figma & Whimsical

A sample card for a Community Delivery event.

Overview: Helping Hands Community, a nonprofit dedicated to slowing the spread of COVID-19, wanted to increase volunteer engagement as well as reduce their reliance on third-party delivery services, such as Uber. When volunteers log into their accounts and don’t see any requests from people who need help, they are left feeling disappointed and disengaged with our platform. Data also surfaced showing that the completion rate for these individual requests (person-to-person) made through our website had dropped significantly to 20%. It was becoming clearer that most of the nonprofit’s social impact was being carried out through organized partner events, so Community Delivery was born as a way to provide a new opportunity for volunteers to get involved and hopefully reduce costs.

The design team was tasked with implementing Community Delivery onto our platform, taking the product from an idea to a pilot program.

Signed-in state for volunteers.

My role: I was in charge of crafting the narrative for this new product as well as finding ways to continue to refine it and ensure consistency.

  • Nomenclature
  • Labels
  • Product descriptions
  • Messaging along the user journey
  • Influencing visual design elements
  • Confirmation emails and texts

My process: In order to craft language that would provide the best experience for our volunteers, I reached out to cross-functional team members so that I could learn the entire end-to-end experience of a Community Delivery event.

✔️ Write UI copy that effectively guide volunteers through the process of locating, signing up, and preparing for a Community Delivery event

✔️ Collaborate with our UX Researcher to tap into volunteers’ motivations and set expectations

✔️ Conduct usability testing so that we can address pain points and identify opportunities to improve our content design and copy.

Helping Hands Community is highly motivated to fill every volunteer spot for each event, yet the organization also wants to make sure that the people who sign up are committed to showing up on the day of the event.

The copy I wrote acknowledges the user’s interest in volunteering and gives them useful information that they can review before confirming their commitment. If a person decides that they are unable to volunteer, the “I change my mind” button redirects them to the previous screen of available volunteer opportunities. The tone is positive, appreciative, and also understanding to reflect the organization’s gratitude for volunteers.

This confirmation message provides the volunteer with more details about the event that they just signed up for so that they feel more prepared and ready for what’s to come. I was able to synthesize all the logistical information into three, easy-to-read steps so as not to overload volunteers with information.

The tone of the CTA button copy, “Got it!” matches the enthusiasm that most volunteers feel at this step in their journey.

Next steps: Community Delivery is still in the pilot phase yet it has already proven to reduce costs and be a viable product for Helping Hands Community. My team and I will continue to refine the experience leading up to its official launch.



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