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Autism Awareness isn’t Overrated, but Maybe the Phrase is?

What’s Your Perception of what Autism Awareness Really Is?

It’s Autism Awareness Month again. Or Autism Acceptance Month, depending on what you think or who you’ve listen to.

I’ve read many great posts again this year. I avoid all the posts about infighting — ‘they’ said this or whatever — who needs…



Kat’s Cafe is all about writing from the heart about my own and my family’s stories involving autism, epilepsy, and rare diseases. This is a safe place to encourage, inform, and advocate.

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Kat Moody

Wife. Mom. Writer. Advocate. Imperfect Christian. In our home: Autism, Epilepsy, Rare Disease & Awesomeness. Addicted to coffee. >> https://KatMoody.me