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Awareness Days don’t Work

Awareness days spread knowledge, not true awareness

Rare Disease Awareness Day 2022 just came and went. I posted on Facebook. I looked at old posts. I even talked it up to a few people at work.

But the day, like most ‘awareness’ days, passed like any other. There were no loud trumpets sounding the beats of change; no legislative changes we could rally behind…



Kat’s Cafe is all about writing from the heart about my own and my family’s stories involving autism, epilepsy, and rare diseases. This is a safe place to encourage, inform, and advocate.

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Kat Moody

Wife. Mom. Writer. Advocate. Imperfect Christian. In our home: Autism, Epilepsy, Rare Disease & Awesomeness. Addicted to coffee. >> https://KatMoody.me