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Empowered Women in Small Business Spotlight: Anny|

By Nats

November is National Small Business month; a month dedicated to celebrating the contributions and successes to those who are small business owners and are growing the nations’ economy. In honor of this month, Kats and I decided to create the Empowered Women in Small Business Spotlight series. We collaborated with an amazing group of fiercely talented women entrepreneurs, who have shown us that with passion, love, and resilience anything is possible. These successful women entrepreneurs are creating better lives for themselves and paving the path for tomorrow’s women business owners, while also becoming powerful contributors to gender equality. We hope you get inspired by their stories, and that you remember that any dream can become a reality if you work hard for it.


So many beautiful things to say about this wonderful woman! She’s an excellent person filled with many goals. She has worked so hard to get where she is now and she tells me that she keeps on working on more goals every day. I’ve known Anny since I was in high school, her husband’s family and mine are very close so of course, I thought of her when Kats and I wanted to do the Spotlights on Small Businesses. Ohh and you girls have to go visit her; I did a lash lift and fell in love with my lashes lol. Anny and Carolina, Anny’s assistant, are very hard-working, super friendly, talented girls!!! Their work is amazing!

Tell our readers about yourself.

My name is Anny and I am the owner and operator of Anny-M Studio Spa, where we offer services focused on eyebrows, permanent makeup, eyelashes, and some spa treatments. We are also an academy providing professional training for these services. Recently we started eCommerce on our website in which we sell Anny-M branded eyelash extension supplies. I am an experienced licensed esthetician and hold many certifications in the field, along with educator certifications by the National Association of Lash Artist, and I am certified by the Health Department. My goal is to provide the absolute best service and experience to our customers and students. I also have plans to open new locations, hire additional staff, and possibly franchise my business in the near future.

What inspired you to start a small business?

I have always believed in owning my own business, as my mom owned several businesses while I was growing up. Unfortunately, I was caught up in corporate life like a lot of people are, and deciding to make the change was not an easy choice. I wanted to have another child and be able to make more time for them. In addition to that, my son was born two years ago and suffers from a rare condition called ataxia, which requires a lot of attention. Starting my own business allowed me to have the flexibility I needed to take care of my children. This really helped put things in perspective for my family and myself, and we realized that life is not just about security and comfort, life is much more than that. It is about pursuing your dreams, and I knew I had to set an example for my children and teach them to follow their dreams as well. I have to admit it has not been easy to balance work and family, but I push myself to make it happen each and every day.

What specific advice would you have for young women who would like to become an entrepreneur? Are there specific advantages, disadvantages of being a women business owner?

Go for it!! We are blessed to wake up in the morning to take full advantage of that! There are a ton of advantages; I would say that the biggest advantage is that when you are passionate about something it doesn’t feel like work. A disadvantage is that all responsibilities start and end with you! If things go well, it’s because of you… if things don’t go so well, it’s also because of you. That can be a very lonely feeling.

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our readers?

Learn to look at your business from another perspective; it’s your business so you constantly look at it as your baby. If you can learn to see your business from your customers’ or students’ point of view, you will open up to a whole new set of ideas.

Where can our readers find you? /¿Dónde pueden encontrarte nuestros lectores?


IG: @annymmakeupandbrows

Facebook: Anny-M MAkeup and brows

Make sure to visit this wonderful and talented business woman!!



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