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Friendsgiving 2019 |

By Kats & Nats

Every year, we try our best to have a Friendsgiving dinner; to disconnect from stress, celebrate our friendship and remind ourselves of how lucky we are to have each other. You see- many people have acquaintances, but only a few can say they have a real group of friends, who they can always count with, and be their authentic selves no matter the situation. Nats and I have been extremely lucky to have not only each other, but also an amazing group of friends- who find time to check on us in the midst of busy schedules, who never let us dwell on our failures, and instead challenge us to grow from them. These friends stay constant through every changing season and are never afraid to tell us the truth even if it hurts sometimes. Some of them have been part of our lives for decades and have never let time or distance make a difference in the bond that we share. Having a gathering to celebrate our friendship has become a very special day for us, and it has gotten better every year!

This year, we met at my house and Nats outdid herself with amazing quick decoration. She will show you more about our Friendsgiving below 🙂


Everything Kat said is true about taking our Friendsgiving very seriously lol. Now about the decoration, ahhh you made me shy Kats lol. We really try to make an effort to get together because we all have very busy schedules and we like to really appreciate the moment and enjoy each other’s company. Especially now with so many kids in the picture. This was adult time lol.

Talking a little about the decoration, well I was inspired by the tale of, work with what you got” lol. I did this table on a very good budget. The bottles I had saved up from family reunions that involved wine lol. I would clean them up and take the tag off. I burn the bottom of the candle to make them fit in the bottles and I never clean the wax off them from previous gathers for two reasons one I think it looks cool that way, more vintage. Two, which is my favorite reason is that it is said that you shouldn’t clean the wax off because it brings abundance in your life. (that’s what my momma says so I’m sticking to it lol) The pumpkins and candles are from the dollar tree. and the greenery is from IKEA on the sales side. The mason jars I use as drinking cups and I got them at Target (12 for $8.50) super good!

Now we have a tradition that we each bring a different plate of food so it’s a fun way to taste all the good and boy was our food gooood!! Also, another tradition we have which is the most important one is once we are all sitting together at the table, we go around the table and say what we are thankful for!

We hope this inspires you to have a Friendsgiving with your friends!


Originally published at http://katsandnats.com on November 16, 2019.



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