Kava Development Update #3

Kava engineering was all hands on deck this week as we approach the release date for Switch private beta. The big milestone this week was publishing the draft of the backend API for exchanging assets using Interledger. This API enables super simple syntax for exchanging assets over ILP like the following:

import {Eth, Btc} from ('switch-api')
const eth = new Eth('ETH_CREDENTIAL')
const btc = new Btc('LND_CREDENTIAL')
// Exchange 100000 gwei from ETH to BTC
eth.exchange(btc, 100000)

In the background, this will stream 100000 gwei using STREAM, which breaks up the payment into small amounts and handles any errors that occur along the way. Aside from being a huge simplification for our development on Switch, we think it will be a great API for developers looking to integrate ILP into their app or service.

If you’re excited about Switch and want to be among the first to try it our, head over to our signup page.

Kava took part in two calls this week focused on scaling and modularizing the Interledger connector. This is part of an ongoing, grant funded process led by Adrian Hope-Bailie that will produce better data about what bottlenecks are faced by the current Interledger connector architecture and what trade offs other architectures involve. We’re excited to have more data and a better framework for talking about connector architecture and look forward to continue participating and contributing to the process.