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Kava Labs Creates Strategic Partnership with BNB48 Club to Maximize BNB Ecosystems’ Value

We are happy to announce that Kava Labs has created a strategic cooperation with the BNB investor club — BNB48. BNB48 Club will act as a technical consultant for the Kava community by providing professional product reviews and technical consulting services for Kava’s Chinese validators, staking users, and lending platform users. Kava Labs will collaborate with BNB48 Club to raise awareness of BNB DeFi opportunities and assist BNB48 Club’s to increase their community members participating in DeFi. As part of this partnership Kava Labs will be making a delegation to the BNB48 validator.

At present, Kava has launched the lending platform that supports BNB as a collateral asset to provide BNB holders with the biggest yields in the market. BNB holders can stake BNB on Kava CDP platform and draw USDX, Kava’s stablecoin, as well as earning additional minting rewards in protocol. Before confirming the partnerships, Kava and BNB48 Club had close business connections. BNB48 Club has passed a vote by their board of directors and allocated a certain amount of BNB to participate in Kava CDP platform and minted USDX, which makes BNB48 Club become one of the earliest users of the Kava lending platform.

Kava will also help grow BNB ecosystem continuously. After the mainnet of Binance Chain is launched, Kava will provide strong support for BNB48 Club to elect the nodes and jointly contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of the BNB ecosystem.

In the future, Kava and BNB48 Club will establish a long-term strategic partnership to maximize BNB ecosystems’ value and increase DeFi services available to the BNB ecosystem.

The major cooperation to work towards are:

Build the base of BNB new ecosystem and community

  • Kava and BNB48 Club will jointly build and maintain the BNB staking and BNB DeFi staking communities, and provide BNB holders with more directions and suggestions of BNB value creation.
  • Jointly establish a complete user education system to help more BNB holders have a deep understanding of BNB staking and BNB DeFi staking.
  • Online activity will be held regularly to provide the community with the latest information related to the development of BNB ecosystem;
  • Collect community feedback and discuss the direction of BNB ecosystem development.

Popularization of Kava DeFi and staking service

  • Kava will nominate BNB48 Club as Kava DeFi popularization ambassador to contribute to the popularization of Kava lending products in Chinese community.
  • Kava will designate BNB48 Club as one of the official recommended node service providers for Kava blockchain to provide staking technology and consulting services for the stakers.
  • BNB48 Club will deeply participate in Kava network governance and product improvements, and provide suggestions for the continuous improvement of Kava ecosystem facilities.

About Kava:

Kava is a multi-asset DeFi platform that offers stablecoins, loans, and other financial services for users of major cryptocurrency assets including BTC, XRP, BNB and ATOM to name a few. The Kava platform has two types of tokens, the KAVA token and the USDX stablecoin where the KAVA token is the native token of the Kava blockchain integral in the security, governance, and mechanical functions of the platform. Users can collateralize their crypto assets in exchange for Kava’s stablecoin, USDX. USDX is the highest earning USD denominated account available for modern investors, offering superior yields without additional risk, compared to traditional alternatives like checking and savings accounts that only deliver miniscule returns.

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About BNB48 Club®

BNB48 Club® is a hardcore BNB investor club established in the spring of 2018. The predecessor was established in 2017 for BNB investors with the threshold of 50,000 BNB position. The founding members of BNB48 Club® are a group of investors who identify with BNB value. The current members are distributed in more than ten countries with international and diversified cultures.

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This publication features news and articles from the Kava Labs team. Kava Labs is a developer of the Kava blockchain, the first cross-blockchain DeFi platform.

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