How to buy Kava Coins on Interstellar Exchange

Minaz Vastani
Jul 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Step 1: You first need to set up a Stellar wallet.

1. Go to

Click the blue button “ENTER ACCOUNT”. You will see Login page like below where you can login using Private Key, KeyFile and Ledger.

2. Click “CREATE NEW DEVICE SESSION” to create a new wallet. On the next screen, click “CREATE”.

3. Enter a password that you won’t forgot. Possibly write it down somewhere safe.

4. Click “CREATE”.

5. You can do either option but the fastest and easiest one is “GENERATE”.

6. You now have a stellar wallet and your secret key is shown here. The secret key is EXTREMELY sensitive information. It is YOUR responsibility to store the secret key in a secure manner so that hackers can’t get to it. If a hacker does get to your secret key, they can empty your wallet. Make sure to copy down your secret key in a safe location. When done, click GO TO ACCOUNT.

7. You now need to ACTIVATE the wallet. In order to activate the wallet, you need to fund it with some XLM, LTC, ETH, XRP or BTC. Click “DEPOSIT FUNDS” to select which cryptocurrency you wish to send here.

8. For this tutorial, I sent XLM to active the wallet. As you can see, my XLM balance is 20.99 XLM.

Step 2: Add a trustline to your wallet so you can accept KAVA Coins.

9. Click on the top left menu icon and select “TRUST”

10. Click on the search and type “KAVA”. Click on the “+” icon where the arrow is pointing.

11. Congratulations. You’ve now established a trustline for KAVA. Click on the “TRADE” icon on the bottom of your screen to start trading KAVA.

12. Click on the “SEARCH” icon and type in KAVA. Click on “KAVA / XLM”.

Step 3: Now you can trade KAVA Coins on the Interstellar Exchange.

Kava Coin

Cryptocurrency based loyalty program for social games

Minaz Vastani

Written by

CTO at Kava

Kava Coin

Kava Coin

Cryptocurrency based loyalty program for social games

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