How to get a KAVA wallet and buy KAVA Coins on StellarX

1. Go to and SIGN UP.

Note: Also works on Android Mobile Phones (need to request desktop version). iPhone trading coming soon.

2. Enter email and password to create your account.

3. There are 3 options to get a Stellar wallet. You can either create a new key (default option) or connect an existing Stellar wallet. If you are unsure, select the first option to create a new Stellar key.

4. Your account is created. Now you need to deposit a minimum of 2.5 XLM (lumens) in order to buy KAVA (this is a requirement for all Stellar-based cryptocurrencies).

Click DEPOSIT (orange button).

5. There are 3 ways to deposit 2.5 XLM:

1) “OTHER CRYPTO” StellarX accepts over 115 cryptocurrencies which will cover the 2.5 XLM requirement.

2) “XLM” If you already own XLM on another exchange or wallet, you can send it here. If you do not own any XLM, you can buy XLM on any exchange listed here.

3)“USD” There’s a $1,000 USD minimum so we don’t recommend this option.

6. Once you satisfy the XLM requirement, you can buy KAVA.

Click here to access the KAVA markets page or simply search for KAVA on the markets page.

NOTE: To active your KAVA wallet, you must buy any amount of KAVA (ex: 0.5, 1, 100)