Life is but a dream!

Row row row our boat gently down the steam, letting go letting go to the rhythm of all that is being. Surrender my friend the love is here and now no destination and the figuring out of how.

Oh so often we try to control the outcome of our dreams visions and successes thinking of some outside accomplishment or achievement that we feel will bring us satisfaction or happiness once we are there. The contraction the attachment and holding on to what that looks like as we focus in on the place in the future or further down the road that will bring us joy, if only we had…… the dollars the car the house the job the vacation the love. ONce we realize that when we become that joy in each and every moment as we are in the journey the dream of this life becomes just that. Today I am focused on placing my attention to all that i have all that i have done and to all who have been there along the way. I am grateful i am honored i am alive!

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