🇬🇧Innovation Intelligence Review #1

AI and awareness, CBDC Africa, crypto-inheritances, synthetic viruses, book thieves, privacy and laser vibrometry, (non-)ethical finance, Gen Z …

Schienenzepplin, 1929

AI 1, point of reference, two-part analysis (1 and 2) from 2015 by Tim Urban on the relationship between human intelligence and artificial intelligence

AI 2, AI creates code and is self-programming: OpenAI improves Codex and churns out Copilot to create lines of code from descriptive text

AI 3, because it is misleading the idea that awareness in AI, like that of polyps, must necessarily be modeled on the human one, by MIT Technology Review

CBDC, Africa’s central role in global development, by Quartz

Bio intelligence, synthetic-origin viruses, and the state of intelligence agencies to address the threat (less than zero), by Stat

Brain computer interface, Sinchron received FDA clearance to trial neuro-motor prostheses in patients with paralysis

Cryptocurrencies and inheritance issues, analysis by Andrea Bianconi

Culture intelligence, investigations, successful manuscript thieves before publication, by Vulture

Ethical finance, analysis on founds and assets ESG and the scam on ethic declared but non-existent, by Zero Hedge

Facebook’s Libra, all hot air and no balloon, result: a little mouse called Diem, by Financial Times

Privacy, digital rights, analysis of how remote laser vibrometry applied to heart rate works and is used as a unique identifying fingerprint, by Quilette

Social and Biological Intelligence, new study in 14 countries shows that aging is biologically unstoppable: goodbye to myths of eternal youth and immortality, by Nature Communication

Social Networks, near future patterns summarized in SoulApp — fifth most popular social app in China, owned by Soulgate and NASDAQ listed — namely the social internet of metaverses

Technological and hybrid warfare, who won and why they won in Afghanistan, by MIT Technology Review

Virtual Reality, athletics and gaming interact in arcadia.tv in the future of sports


Innovation Intelligence