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Innovation Intelligence Review #10

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Short weekly review to facilitate deepening about innovative medium-term themes and scenarios in the social-tech fields

AI (1), The Pentagon’s commitment to the space-time prediction of conflicts through the combined use of AI tools aimed at forecasting in specialized contexts, predictive intelligence by IEEE Spectrum

AI (2), police forces around the world are increasingly relying on predictive AI to anticipate space-time domains and the nature of crimes. Most of the software used is showing evident and dangerous cognitive biases: an interactive website (that has received the Mozilla 2021 Creative Media Award) uses AI to analyze data on fatal police encounters in the U.S. and predict future incidents, predictive intelligence by .coda

CBDC, Nigeria has operationalized its retail digital state currency, eNaira, that can be used on mobile wallets and on the web, financial intelligence

Cryptocurrencies (1), bitcoin, why the cryptocurrency par excellence will never become a mass-action currency and the possible solutions, crypto intelligence by Decrypt

Cryptocurrencies (2), bitcoin, some of the main reasons why cryptocurrencies on public and open DLTs cannot, by their nature, be brought under control by governments, crypto intelligence by Quillette Magazine

Cryptoeconomy, the development and lobbying strategy of Andreessen Horowitz the greatest, and anticipatory in terms of time, investment fund in DLT solutions, crypto and financial intelligence by NYT

Health, the increasing availability of data in the scientific field leads to a revision of beliefs rooted in time. In empirical sciences such as psychology and sociology the phenomenon has led to structural revisions and this is happening more and more frequently also in medicine: in the pharmaceutical field it is now time to review the usefulness of aspirin as a preventive drug for the first episodes of heart attack and stroke. The concept is not that medicine before the most recent studies indicated wrong solutions but, through the data, they turned out to be not the best available, health intelligence by NYT

Massive Surveillance, citizen intelligence, in September the second most downloaded iOS app in China was the police app used as a collective intelligence tool to combat cyber fraud. The problem is that it is also used to control cell phone owners, collective intelligence by Quartz

Mobile communications, the strategy and problems of operators who want to bring mobile communications from terrestrial to satellite platforms, SIGINT by Quartz

National Security, the privatization of intelligence services is, in the face of digitalization, an irreversible factor that has been characterizing the last 30 years and all countries. Following the trend, all the British intelligence agencies have entered into an agreement with Amazon AWS for the cloud management of data and libraries necessary for AI processes: guarantees for the privacy of citizens? It is not known … innovation for intelligence by The Financial Times

Essay 🧐

Shoshana Zuboff, luckily for all of us, she finally opened her eyes and became critical also about Apple which in her best seller ‘The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.’ appeared in the guise of Tim Cook as one of the possible ‘savior of the fatherland’, by NYT

Funny 🙂

The Music Cognition Lab at Queen Mary University of London conducted a study on why certain songs are chilling over others and, as supporting material, the researchers also released a compilation of chilling music on Spotify

Idiot’s Corner 😡

The British Gov has published an excellent report concerning the behavioral processes of the supply chain on how to reach Net Zero for 2050 emissions in the food, construction and air transport sectors: after a few hours the report was removed without explanation other than the express wish not to impose binding behavior !!!

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