Innovation Intelligence Review #11

Crypto El Salvador and Tether, Fake Sustainability, Corp Sovereignty, Shrinkflation, Rare Hearths, Supply Chains, Y/Z Gen and Culture, Essay

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Cryptocurrencies (1), bitcoin and El Salvador, how scams, incompetence and carelessness are making cryptocurrency adoption fail in the Central American country, crypto intelligence by David Gerard

Cryptocurrencies (2), stablecoins, the never ending story of Tether, the biggest Ponzi scheme in circulation too big (for now) to fail (or to do fail), analyzed historically and in detail, crypto intelligenge by Bloomberg

Corporate social sustainability, any company has embraced the principles of ethical sustainability: not only is this not true but it has become a useless differentiation factor in the context of communication, corporate intelligence by Ana Andjelic

Corporate sovereignty permeates debates especially in cyber contexts: in this Utrecht University paper, the analysis moves into the physical contexts of relations with the territories and the power exercised in an area of disrespect for the rules, social intelligence

Climate Realism, Francis Fukuyama’s thinking on how and why if a long-term solution to climate problems is reached this will not be due to absurd supranational agreements, which no one will ever respect, but rather to functional interventions of individual nations due to the succession of short term needs, geo-economics, by American Purpose

Financial social sustainability, the logic of financial profit and ethical sustainability are intuitively conflicting. In practice they become so in the case of investments in green finance, corporate intelligence by The Economist

Generation shaping, Spotify, starting from the holistic analysis of the use of music, traces the modelling that Y and Z Gen are carrying out in approaching culture, social intelligence

Shrinkflation, economy, the inflationary dynamics whereby at the same price the quantity of products or services offered decreases, economic intelligence by NPR

Rare Earths and China, the Sino point of view on why the country has no interest in closing the market, geo-economics by SupChina

Supply-Chain, the crisis of current models, the causes and hypotheses of potential remedies, geo-economics by Quillette Magazine

Essay 🧐

The Kardashev scale quantifies civilizations on the basis of their power of manipulation of energy: in the perspective of the theory of baby universes it should be modified in a Darwinian perspective, by Scientific American

Much has been said about kidney xenotransplantation between humans and pigs, but the procedure is still experimental and there is still a long way to go. One aspect that should not be underestimated is the new ethical context of pigs, by The Economist


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