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Innovation Intelligence Review #13

AI: Govs, Open-Source and Ethics-CBDC geopolitics-Cryptocurrencies: Crash and Freedom-Metaverse Govs-Real Estate-SOCMINT-Essay

by Tom le French designer on Instragam

AI (1) and forms of government, as innovation and autocracies not only support each other but the needs imposed by the autocracy are an impetus for the development of frontier innovation: the case of AI and China, social intelligence by National Bureau of Economic Research

AI (2) and open-source, unlike GPT-2 the successor, GPT-3, is not available to everyone. The introduction of a wishlist to preventively evaluate the developers was decided by the platform managers to limit the possible misuse of the machine learning tool. ElutherAI Project is instead replicating GPT-3 in open-source, the name is GPT-J, and it is possible for anyone to access it, data intelligence by Alberto Romero on TDS Editors

AI (3), ethics, Allen Institute for AI in Seattle has created Delphi, an algorithm that provides answers about the ethics of the questions that are asked (here the support paper in .pdf): the feedback about the agreement or disagreement on the answer helps machine learning to implement knowledge and accuracy, social intelligence

CBDC and geopolitics, the introduction of the digital Yuan in the perspective of China’s geopolitical strengthening, economic intelligence, by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Cryptocurrency (1) crash, an analysis on market operators during the bitcoin crash (-50%) in May and how the system based on decentralization demonstrated resilience, crypto intelligence by Bloomberg

Cryptocurrency (2) and freedom, cryptocurrencies are taking on a fundamental role, and will increase it as a consequence of the introduction of CBDCs, in the preservation of individual freedoms and rights. The Alex Gladstein’s video, chief strategy officer at the Human Rights Foundation, explains why, social intelligence

Metaverse Govs (1), Barbadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade announced the opening of an embassy on Decentreland which, according to the anticipated development program, will not be the only platform interested in expanding virtual diplomatic offices, govs innovation intelligence by Barbados Today

Metaverse Govs (2), the Metaverse Industry Committee, under the state-supervised China Mobile Communications Association (CMCA), was inaugurated in China: according to the words of the former vice minister of the ministry of science and technology Wu Zhongze “The metaverse will definitely become a wind vane of global technology development in the next decade, and will also become a new high ground of competition in the digital economy of all countries”, govs innovation intelligence by China Mobile Communications Association

Real Estate and algorithms, with the progressive consolidation of market players such as iBuyers and iLenders (and hybridizations), disintermediation is changing the sector. For the better, for all, business model intelligence by NYT

Social Media Top Ten, from the top followed for the main social media a brief analysis of the target characteristics of the platform, SOCMINT by Axios

Essay 🧐

The Khmer language is not made for mobile keyboards and therefore those who speak it prefer to send voice messages: if Facebook (with Messenger) controls the Cambodian market the result is this below, by Rest of World

(I wish I had written it 🤨 , great post) Our daily choices follow a pragmatic logic (even when they are flowed by bias): if we realized that the black boxes of machine learning, where pragmatism is unknown, make better choices, perhaps it would be better to leave it to them, by Aeon Magazine




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