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Innovation Intelligence Review #14

AI: Support Everyday Complexity, Ethic and Money; Crypto: BTC Up PayPal, Critics, AML/CFT; Russia; Ukraine; Singapore; South Korea; Essay; Idiot’s Corner

by Erwin Wurm on Istagram

AI (1), everyday life, each of us juggles the complexity of everyday life through pragmatic routines and behaviors, conseguences of habits and bias, in which unforeseen events are either exceptions that confirm the rule or chance that overwhelm the rule. Entrusting your daily life to neuronal networks could be a solution to prevent both types of unexpected events, social intelligence by Aeon Magazine

AI (2), the economic connections between Big Tech and the experts called to produce the AI’s European ethic guidelines, (manipulation) SOCMINT by Euobserver

Cryptocurrencies (1), BTC’s average transaction volume surpassed PayPal’s in Q3/2021, crypto intelligence by BLOCKDATA

Cryptocurrencies (2), financial inclusion and humanitarian aid, two critical World Economic Forum’s reports into the use of monetary blockchains for humanitarian and social purposes. Both express the critical issues through the results highlighted, to date, of specific case histories: the first, regarding financial inclusion, comes to the conclusion that the use of stablecoins is currently subject to the same restrictions and constraints as the pre-existing solutions: therefore it did not bring any advantage to the financial inclusion; the second, regarding the management processes of humanitarian aid via blockchain, concludes that the structural and technological backwardness of the actors and digital infrastructures has been, for now, cause of failure, social intelligence by World Economic Forum

Cryptocurrencies (3), FAFT has amended the AML / CFT guidelines for both crypto assets and providers: total control of stakeholders is being achieved and, therefore, the nullification of the monetary innovation potential of the blockchain, crypto intelligence by FAFT

Digital rights, Russia, internet censorship in Russia is reaching the purposes of control deemed necessary by the autocracy in power: this through a mix of tools and, above all, with declared intentions as explained by the chief of the Duma Committee for Information Policy, social intelligence by NYT and Tass

Geoeconomics, Ukraine is on track to become one of the countries with the highest digitization rate and a reference point for high tech investments: this above all in the blockchain sector, cryptoeconomy intelligence by NYT

P2P hate, analysis of the use of P2P tools for disinformation purposes within white supremacy groups, SOCMINT by Rebellius Data LLC

Robotics, education, in South Korea a pilot project in 300 kindergartens to accustom children to interacting with robots, training intelligence by The Guardian

Technological dystopia, Singapore is the country in the world where the technological utopia has had, for now, its maximum expression. Both for the needs of the governing autocracy and for the satisfaction expressed by the population, the social contract provides for a high degree of digitalization and digital pervasiveness in exchange for well-being at the top of the world rankings. But utopia is turning into dystopia as a result of the discrimination that digital systems are carrying out against the poorest strata of the population and the almost complete absence of privacy that has been achieved, tech intelligence by Rest of World

Essay 🧐

Excellent reportage on the Libyan prison system as a deposit of migrants for EU: anarchy of police and intelligence structures and a brief socio-geopolitical historical summary about events led to the current situation that has no prospects for a solution, geopolitics by The New Yorker

The formation of the perception of the need for credit cards, and therefore of the market, in Sweden, a country where the need for credit was culturally stigmatized, (manipulation) SOCMINT by Journal of Cultural Economy

Idiots Corner 😡

The idiocy of the author of this post is not to deal with the problem of early marriages but to correlate it to climate change: there is no scientific proof but only the intention to make a ‘WoW’ headline to be read

 by the author.




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