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Innovation Intelligence Review #15

AML/NFT;Crypto and Geopolitics;Data Governance Map;Digital Rights and Pandemic;XenoRobot;After GameStop; Net Spread;Web3 I.D.;Essay;Funny

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AML/CFT and NFT, an English think-tank that deals with geopolitical and geo-economic issues (usually it is quite balanced in its analysis) launches an alarm on the risks of money laundering through NFT: phenomenology does not exist, all fantasies! Most likely this week they had nothing to write and media terrorism on unknown topics makes you click on the headlines, (bad) crypto intelligence by RUSI

Cryptocurrencies and geopolitics, again on ‘the unbearable lightness of being’ of the bitcoin project in El Salvador, or how to be Nayib Bukele, to be president of a Central American country on the verge of bankruptcy, to try to save own ass with a millionaire fraud and charge 6.5 million Salvadorans, crypto intelligence by David Gerard on Foreign Policy

Data governance, recent update of the one of best mapping tool of the components of global data governance, by Foreign Policy

Digital rights and pandemic consequences (1), since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been questions about whether digital emergency measures, with the aim of containment, would have had a limited life or would have become a further form of control and limitation of individual privacy with the justification of public health as an alibi national security. In general what has happened in the different countries is not a good omen, individual intelligence by Carnegie Corporation

Digital rights and pandemic consequences (2), in particular, this study by the digital rights research center of University of Toronto highlights how in Canada, so we are talking about one of the Western democratic regimes with the most solid tradition in terms of civil rights and control over abuses (not, for example, of Myanmar), the public health alibi has been a factor in increasing pervasiveness. After the emergency, not only the necessary protective countermeasures have not been taken but, moreover, the mixture in the sharing of data between public and private is continuing undisturbed, individual intelligence by The Citizen Lab

Digital rights and pandemic consequences (3), finally, the smart-working factor that has brought out the bossware phenomenon, namely the pervasiveness of the control of employers, through remote workstations, on the lives of employees, which is beyond any control, individual intelligence by Electronic Frontier Found

Finance and social media, almost a year after the GameStop case, the relationship between virtual communities and financial markets is analyzed by two Italian economists: the result is that if the supervisory authorities want to be effective in protecting the investment and investors, they must equip themselves to do so in SOCMINT, finance intelligence by Carnegie Corporation

Robot, the essence of a robot is not the material it is made of but acting alone on behalf of people. From this concept the idea of xenorobots develops: the combination of molecular biology and AI to induce autonomous behaviors, in this case the replication autonomously, in biological components such as stem cells, bio intelligence by Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Spread of internet around the world (average of averages 63% of global population use internet), the ITU annual report that helps to understand the state and global variations of the net with an articulated vision stratified by space and time: this year more important than usual because it metabolizes the pandemic, internet intelligence by UN’s International Telecommunication Union

Web3.0 and decentralized personal identity management, such as Web3.0 will be able to change the value of the authenticity of personal data, currently very laborious and repetitive to be carried out in Web2.0, and the sectoral examples currently on the market, internet intelligence by Andreessen Horowitz Future

Essay 🧐

After the ‘toxic positivity’ that plagued communication (and our lives) during and after the pandemic crisis time, the antidote seems to be the ‘tragic optimism’ in which the power of ‘existential gratitude’ is emphasized: frankly it does not seem the solution, behavioral intelligence by The Atlantic

Funny 🙂

AI, from Netflix the first horror short written by a neuronal network: not bad even if you understand quite clearly where the most impactful inputs come from

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