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Innovation Intelligence Review #16

CBDC and Spies;Doomsday;ECB Blindness;Job Market;Metaverse Bigs; Money and (no) Trust;Quantum Tech;Intelligence; Essay;Funny

By Vintage Sci-Fi Art on Instagram

CBDC and espionage, the writer has been writing on this platform for almost two years preachs that CBDCs will become one of the most powerful spying tools in the hands of governments and private white-collar bandits: now, two months after the massive launch of the DE/CP (the Chinese digital Yuan), also intelligence agencies woke up, financial intelligence by The Financial Times

Decentralized peer-to-peer networks and Govs persecutions, through the observation of the BitTorrent and Pirate Bay phenomena, protocols born in the first five years of the 2000s, this brief analysis makes us understand how decentralization, all the more connected to the DLT protocol, can hardly be suppressed through authoritarian actions and how it is the basis of Web3.0, innovation intelligence by Isaiah McCall

Doomsday, a collaboration between researchers at the University of Tasmania, marketing agency Clemenger BBDO, and creative agency The Glue Society is building a black box of the earth in case the apocalypse arrives and the few left (if any) have the opportunity to retrieve information deemed essential. The initial data registration is in progress, it can be followed online, it will end in 2022 and then we will proceed with periodic updates, resilience intelligence by University of Tasmania

ECB and blindess, the European Central Bank continues to lash out against cryptoassets through reports and statements by the members of the board. The atmosphere is like of the Holy Inquisition and these poor guts do not realize either the levels of investments or the development of the productive sectors involved. Blind like the doctors of the Church in the Middle Ages stubbornly oppose innovation, appealing to logical processes dictated only by protectionism, (anti)innovation intelligence by ECB

Great Resignation, a numerical framing outlines in the USA, and by extension also in other countries, what seemed to be the social phenomenon of 2021 in the world of job, social intelligence by The Atlantic

Intelligence cycle, cognitive diversity as an innovation tool and, especially for those involved in intelligence, as an operational filter to arrive at analyzes and scenarios as free from bias influences, intelligence4intelligence by AEON

Metaverse market, the growth of investments in the metaverse by the Big Platforms begins long before Meta and will continue despite Meta, market intelligence by Euronews

Money ,cash, trust and Monoply game money, from the fact that the use of cash, for convenience and impositions, is decreasing all over the world to the social phenomenon for which it is not certain that its place will be taken by either electronic money or CBDCs (as governments hope and try to impose ), financial intelligence by NYT

Quantum Tech, analysis on the state of quantum technology, its possible commercial applications and what separates us, at the level of science known today, from massive adoption, innovation intelligence by Rand

SOCMINT and extreme contents, a framework for internet users to categorize the virtual platforms they use and to understand the likelihood that they may encounter extreme content online, SOCMINT by Rand

Funny 🙂

The NFT Bay, the pirate site where you can find NFTs paid a lot of money and download them without paying anything (of course there is a difference between the original and the copy)

 by the author.




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