🇬🇧Innovation Intelligence Review #2

Bias and Algorithms, Vaporware by Elon Musk, BTC in Lebanon, BTC and Ponzi, DARPA Australia, Internet Apocalypse, WEB3 interoperability …

AI, algorithmic bias, practical case and causes of racial bias (with positive credit-score) on mortgage lending in the US, by The Markup

Brain-computer interface, brief and summarized insight into the multisectoral state of the art, by L'Atelier BNP Paribas

Communication, the vaporware model adopted by Elon Musk: yet another inconsistency of announced expectations, by Gizmondo, and about fanciful content, by IEEE Spectrum

Cryptocurrency 1, Lebanon, how the daily survival of a collapsed economy can be helped by cryptocurrency, by Rest of World

Cryptocurrency 2, Bitcoin as a Ponzi scheme: a good analysis, by Jared A. Brock who, however, forgets, about trust, the small detail of the relationship between finance and real economy

Innovation Intelligence for intelligence, the Australian intentions of setting up a DARPA style agency, by ASPI

Intelligence 1, Counter-Terrorism, the role of digital gamification in radicalization and recruitment, by Leiden University

Intelligence 2, GeoEconomics, comparative analysis of Chinese influence power in 20 countries from a global strategy perspective, by Rand

Internet Apocalypse, solar storms: a grey rhino that can globally put out of play the network and to which, for now, there is no robustness and resilience planning, by Ars Tecnica

Privacy, WhatsApp, thus Facebook, has been fined 267 mil USD for GDPR violation by the Irish authority: how many will be the profits on the shoulders of users when, in years, maybe the fine will be paid? No Protection

WEB 3.0 1, the monetization of the WEB as a paradigm of development of network interactions enabled by blockchain, by Real Life (with podcast)

WEB 3.0 2, state of the DApp market at mid-year, by Kyle Ellicott Topio Networks

WEB 3.0 3, report on structures and state of the art of blockchain interoperability according to Technology and Innovation Lab at World Bank

Funny 🙂

Google, 16 years of failed attempts in the chat industry: nobody’s perfect and it’s not over…, by Ars Techica


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