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Innovation Intelligence Review #20

AI Prosecutor, Crypto: Signal and Nym, Information Warfare, Libor Bye, Nuclear Fusion, Standard 4 Smart-Home, Start-Up Israel, Idiots

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AI and Law, in China tested an AI system to support prosecutors which, experimentally in Shangahai Pudong, is giving 97% accuracy in the evaluation of the evidence against the accused. There are many doubts regarding the autonomous decision-making process as well explained in the post, social intelligence by South China Morning Post

Crypto-economy (1), Signal has extended the possibility of making payments through its MobileCoin cryptocurrency to everyone. It is possible to send and receive payments through messages with, given the characteristics of cryptocurrencies, a high degree of privacy. The problems for now are: few exchanges change MobileCoin, the Signal wallet is still in beta and the crypto has quite high fluctuations in short periods, financial intelligence and privacy

Crypto-economy (2), Nym is continuing to raise capital, and therefore to develop the decentralized privacy as-a-service project through a mixnet that goes beyond the best that can currently be used for the purpose: the TOR network, individual intelligence and privacy

Information warfare (1), in Sweden the first government intelligence agency for the proactive preservation of information as an asset of national interest. This is not a psyop office but a dedicated intelligence agency to avoid malicious influences on information towards Sweden and its interests, psyco intelligence

Information warfare (2), weather information is already a fundamental tactical component for various markets (maritime, large distribution, tourism, insurance …) for two reasons: the first, they can be collected and verified by open source at low cost, the second because they lend themselves very well to be processed through AI. This post explains their use in the military tactical context, weather intelligence by C4ISRnet

Information warfare (3), India, a two-part investigation by The Wire shows how an app has been developed in the country that bypasses the identity checks of WhatsApp and Facebook and takes control of decommissioned Twitter accounts. This is for the benefit of a particular political party and with the aim of propagating and denigrating political opponents, SOCMINT by The Wire,

Libor bye-bye, Libor retired from 3 January. The rate, which was set by a few financial institutions, had for years given rise to legalized scams against consumers that were rarely discovered and prosecuted. Even if Libor remains nominally until June 30, it is immediately replaced for the EURO by STR, calculated according to IOSCO (International Organisation of Securities Commissions) principles. For other currencies it is replaced by SOFR for USD, SONIA for GBP, SARON for CHF and TONAR for JPY, financial intelligence

Nuclear fusion, China Plasma Institute’s record of controlled fusion for about 15 minutes at 160 million degrees. The singularity of producing energy at no cost, slowly, is approaching, tech intelligence

Standard for smart-home, one of the most annoying things is using IoT for smart homes that don’t communicate at the product level because each manufacturer uses their own protocol. Now it seems that things are being resolved by the Matter consortium, which brings together all the major manufacturers, to define a common open-source standard, tech intelligence

Start-Up, the Israel tech companies ecosystem raised USD 25.6 billion in 2021, of which 18.64 from abroad. In this analysis, how the country’s most promising business ideas have developed or failed over the past 20 years, tech intelligence by Israel21

Idiot’s Corner 😤

In the second issue of this newsletter I reported about Spencer Elden, the idiot who as a newborn had been the protagonist of the Nirvana Nevermind album’s cover who, after 30 years, sued Nirvana for child pornography because of photo. The lawsuit is dismissed: idiot twice, by NYT

In this case there is no particular prick, but the series of pricks that on various media correlate the social crisis in Kazakhstan with the crypto mining industry. This is by chance: sometimes as a cause of riots, other times as a cause of repression, most of the time to say something that doesn’t have a shit to do with it. Bringing cryptocurrencies into play is always a good headline.

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