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Innovation Intelligence Review #21

Auto Weapon,Brain Interface and Ethics, CBDC and FED, Creativity and G-Z,Crypto,GeoWar:Weather,Innovation4Intell, MKTG:Dreams and Gamification,Weather War-Essay

By Strike Art on Instagram

AI, autonomous weapon systems (AWSs), in 2017 The Future of Life Institute (FLI) made a dystopian video (very beautiful and with more than a million views) on the AWSs: the problem was that about half of the generalists media did not understand which was dystopian and published it as a reality. Now there is the sequel (a little less beautiful): this time FLI wrote it at the beginning but it is good to point out that it is always dystopia not reality! Dystopian Futurology by FLI

Brain Interface and Ethics (consequently law) analysis on the responsibility of harmful events caused by body devices (but ultimately also no-body) controlled by brain interfaces, ethics intelligence by Wired

CBDC and USA, Barclays’s short but interesting analysis of why and how the FED should equip itself with a CBDC, finance intelligence

Creativity and Marketing, how Gen Z is reacting to the stimuli of the last two years, social and communication intelligence, report by WeTransfer

Crypto (1) 2021 report, the analysis of the year that has just ended on the market: articulated and to be read because it is the work of one of the major players, crypto intelligence

Crypto (2) DAO, the DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) functionality allowed by blockchain and smart-contract applied to a real collective: CityDAO are 5,000 people who are organizing themselves in a territory in Wyoming giving themselves shared and decentralized rules, crypto intelligence by Financial Times

Geo engineering, after last week in which I stressed the importance of the issue from a tactical point of view, this week the analysis concerns the technical point of view connected to the scenario one, as it seems there is no international regulatory framework, weather intelligence by Rand

Intelligence and long-term forecasts, the US Coast Guard’s ‘Evergreen Project’ is taken as a starting point for the analysis of the usefulness of cyclical strategic analyzes, alongside the short-medium term ones, for intelligence work and how it should be organized in the US (also in others) context, innovation4intelligence by New America

MKTG (1) and Dreams, we were used to dealing with subliminal messages to condition purchasing intentions and habits. The new horizon, practical and not only theoretical, of MKTG and communication experts is now hacking dreams: the theme is called ‘dream incubation’, competitve intelligence by AEON

MKTG (2) and Cultural Gamification, the rapid rise of the Chinese model Shen, the world’s most popular shopping app and second most popular fashion site. Based on automation, cultural and technological knowledge of the target (and a lot of copyright unfairness) Shen is creating serious problems for giants such as HM and Zara (and Amazon), competitive intelligence by Rest of World

Essay 🧐

Visionaries, ten years before Apple, the story of the first smartphone made by Handspring (there was not technology), documentary by The Verge

The reasoning is that AI applied to advertising and surfing the Web now conditions individual behaviors to such a degree that it can be said that one is already inside the singularity, social intelligence by The Atlantic

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