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Innovation Intelligence Review #25

AI: Artificial Womb-Crypto: CityCoins, What’s DAO, Robberies, Algorithmic Stablecoins-Democracy Low-GDPR and non-EU Data-Metaverse Forecast on 2026-Real Robotics-Funny

By Katerina Kamprani on Instagram

AI and biotech, an AI-managed artificial womb has been successfully tested by SIBET (Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology) on animal fetuses, bio intelligence by South China Morning Post

Cryptocurrencies (1) and CityCoins, how politics rides the media-drive wave of innovation understanding anything and potentially doing damage can be guessed by observing how CityCoins are being managed in the US, crypto intelligence by David Gerard

Cryptocurrencies (2) and thieves, the culprits of the theft of 119,754 Bitcoins, which occurred in 2016 against Bitfinex, were found. As I have been saying for years as long as you are inside the crypto dome, crimes are perfect but if you want to use the money, especially if a lot, the problems begin, crypto intelligence by NYT

Cryptoeconomy and DAO (1), (from a non-technical point of view) what DAOs are and how an (for now) extreme niche market is developing, crypto intelligence by The New Yorker

Cryptoeconomy and DAO (2), a DAO that is now worth more than 3 billion dollars on the market is Olympus DAO which has very little decentralized control and looks a lot like a Ponzi scheme, especially in case you have to defend the value of the assets or the token, crypto intelligence by CoinDesk

Democracy and pandemic, overall analysis of the pejorative changes, due to the pandemic, highlighted by the 2021 edition of the Democray Index, geopolitics by Economist Intelligence Unit of The Economist

Fractional algorithmic stablecoins, how FRAX works, the first fractional algorithmic stablecoin in which the 1:1 value with the dollar is backed partly by collateral fiat and partly by an algorithm, crypto intelligence by Messari

Metaverse market forecast, Gartner predicts that in 2026, people will spend at least one hour in the metaverse for work and fun, and at least 30% of organizations will have goods and services available on virtual reality, competitive intelligence by Gartner

Privacy and telecom, an interesting problem arises when a .com European company disengages itself from a non-European market: how should the data in its possession be treated according to the GDPR? The case of the Norwegian Telenor and Myanmaar, digital rights by Coda

Real Robotics, Pieter Abbeel, the director of the Berkeley Robot Learning Lab, explains briefly (and in his podacasts in depth) and with examples how robots are starting to help in everyday life and, therefore, the exact size of a phenomenon only at the beginning, social intelligence by Quartz

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