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Innovation Intelligence Review #26

4 Days Work Week-Empathy and Intelligence-EU Crypto Mining Ban-Metaverse and Web 3.0 Debate-Privacy:Reputation CleanUp, Italian Massive Control-Social Media: War Narratives, Telegram Analysis-War Crowdfunding-Essay

By J. M. Navarro on Instagram

Crypto mining, proof-of-work as a mining methodology is energy unsustainable for public blockchains: this is nothing new. For this reason, Sweden has called for a ban at European level, crypto intelligence by Financial Times

Empathy as a tool for geopolitical analysis: not sharing but understanding the point of view of others can help in the construction of scenarios, intelligence 4 intelligence by Foreign Policy

Jobs, the four-day work week is the subject of experimentation in numerous countries and in numerous companies, social intelligence by Jacobin

Metaverse and Web 3.0 debate, innovation intelligence my opinion

Privacy (1), how apps and services work to clean up your reputation on the web, individual intelligence by Rest of World

Privacy (2), the massive collection of biometric data of migrants in Italy: the shadows on the use, on the awareness of data owners and on financing for the purpose of massive control, digital rights by Hermes and Privacy International

Social media, ten false narratives advocated by Russian propaganda about the Ukrainian conflict, SOCMINT by @DFRLab

Telegram (1), in-depth historical analysis, evolution and current market positioning of Telegram compared to other platforms, SOCMINT by Wired

Telegram (2),…and consequently to the market positioning assumed as the platform has many problems in many countries as a result of the policies adopted with regard to content: the case of Germany, SOCMINT by Wired

War Crypto Crowdfunding, analysis on cryptocurrency crowdfunding actions in support of the parties involved in the Ukrainian conflict, crypto intelligence by Elliptic

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