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Innovation Intelligence Review #28

Biotech: Xenotransplantation-CBDC:Olympics Test, Failures’ Risks-Climatic Resilience-Crypto: War, Legal Assistance, Treasures-Innovation Dangers-Supply Chain: War-Essay-Funny

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Biotech and health, the history of the recent xenotransplantation of pig heart on human and how gene editing is fundamental also in this sector, biotech intelligence by The New Yorker

CBDCs (1) and China, report, narrative and analysis on the massive and operational test of the digital Yuan (e-Yuan, DE / CP) during the Olimpycs period and prospects for use, finance intelligence by Atlantic Council,

CBDCs (2) and risk of project failure connected to daily use, this analysis highlights, by comparing the American and Chinese CBDC projects, the risks of failure associated with non-use by users, finance intelligence by VOXEU-CEPR

Climatic (1) and risk, the new IPCC report on climate change has been published. The short-medium term scenario (before the effects of the war) is, in three brief points: A) the actions taken, and hypothesized, up to now to reverse the trend are, and will be, in the results pure utopia (bye-bye Greta); B) it is late for local resilience actions in the medium term: in the short term contingent emergency plans (for the areas concerned) must be hypothesized; C) in the medium term, transformative tactical plans must be drawn up, about resources and phenomena, if one wants to survive, climatic intelligence by IPCC

Climatic (2) and nuclear, …and consequently Finland which, light years ahead of the others, has long since structurally embraced nuclear, zero-carbon, with the ins and outs, that is, in this case the appropriate treatment of waste, climatic and energy intelligence by Science

Crypto (1) and developer, Jack Dorsey, JD, after resigning from Twitter to devote himself to the crypto world (a large part of Block, formerly Square, is his), announced the creation of a fund for legal assistance to developers and maintainers of open-source crypto platforms against causes due to alleged negligence, crypto intelligence

Crypto (2) and war, the debate on crypto and war is enriched with bullshit every day. First of all, for public cryptocurrencies, from the beginning of the war to today, there have been no extraordinary up movements either for prices or market-caps. For the stablecoins market-caps ditto. However, who write (the media) and who speak (the regulators) after more than ten years still demonstrate that they have understood nothing about how cryptocurrencies work. For public cryptocurrencies, Russia (like Iran and North Korea) has state exchangers and private exchangers who work for the state: so they enter the market at will and no one can do anything about it. Then, for those who don’t know, there are also decentralized exchangers, and even in this case nothing can be done. The only solution, perhaps and very labile, would be to control the counterparties of the transactions: a very difficult undertaking. For the stablecoins the situation is slightly different because they are few and a more pervasive control could be done: however, anyone in the trade knows the thousand ways that exist to circumvent traceability. Is it thought that Russia does not know them? Finally, China and the e-Yuan that is operational: who can control this channel? Money laundering, in this case and as always, is fought in the usual way: looking for shell companies, front men, complaisant banks… it is unthinkable that a 1.5 trillion dollar economy will convert in a short time on cryptocurrencies, as much as it is foolish to believe that to combat the phenomenon it is necessary to make the controls on western exchangers even more pervasive (I’m not talking about mining, which in any case Russia has develop and putting under state control for some time, because in this case bringing it up is really stupid), crypto intelligence

Crypto (3) and corporate treasures, cryptocurrencies as investment tool for corporate treasury in American public companies, crypto intelligence by Quartz

Innovation risks, a good panel of experts on the medium-term danger of emerging technologies, innovation intelligence by Gizmodo

Supply-Chain and war, brief but exhaustive analysis of the main import-export channels of Russia and, therefore, of the consequences on global supply chains already tested by the pandemic, competitive intelligence by Quartz

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