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Innovation Intelligence Review #29

This Week:

  • Centralized Fraud in US
  • Crypto: EU Rules, US Tax Guide
  • Financial Digital Inclusion in India
  • OSINT: Decentralized Operators
  • Privacy: Eyes In The US Citizens’ Pockets, TrueCaller Is Not a Free Service, NSA’s Backdoor
  • Stable Coins, The End Of Libra The Facebook’s Coin
  • Web 3: May Be a Solution For Controls and Censorship
  • Essay: What’s Russian ‘Z’?, ‘Bella Ciao’ into Ukrainian

Centralized fraud, Zelle is the most used payment app in the USA: created in 2017 it is owned by the largest banks in the country. Since card payments take a day to be canceled, the scams are numerous: the problem is that the banks of the circuit (all in different quantities owning the app) they do not recognize the scams thus committed which all fall into the hands of the customers, financial intelligence by NYT

Crypto (1) EU rules, the pretext of war is giving EU regulators an opportunity to authorize cryptocurrencies assets under control without adequate regulation, crypto intelligence

Crypto (2) and tax, 2021–22 crypto tax guide for US, tax intelligence by The Wall Street Journal

Financial Inclusion by Govs, in India, the central bank made operational what was announced in December, namely a payment system also dedicated to feature phones, the mobile phones without internet connection that are still used by 440 million people in the country. All this is part of the full implementation of the UPI (Unified Payment Interface, the national digital payments ecosystem) which currently has an average of 4,500 million monthly transactions, payment intelligence

OSINT and decentralization, the availability of free satellite images and social networks are the cause of the development of a large number of non-professional analysts, widely distributed in various areas of the world, who are becoming extremely important sources for professionals in the sector: the case of the Ukrainian war, decentralized Intelligence by Rest of World

Privacy (1) and money, how the Department of Homeland Security has set its eyes in the pockets of millions of Americans without permission: think with the digital dollar what will happen …, digital rights by The Wall Street Journal

Privacy (2) and free services, TrueCaller is the free app that many in the world use to avoid the hassle of call centers: in India, and most likely not only in India, the monetization of the service takes place by stealing and selling user data, individual intelligence by Rest of World

Privacy (3) and NSA, between 2016 and 2017 ‘The Shadow Brokers’, a group of hacker activists, published the documentation about Bvp47, a backdoor for Linux systems developed by ‘The Equatin Group’ recognized as NSA’s unofficial cyberwar group. Now the Chinese cyber research center Pangu Lab has checked the adherence of Bvp47 with respect to the parameters of the Prisma system, which came to light by Snowden, and to verify its use against the various countries, cyber intelligence by Pangu Lab

Stablecoins, Libra of Facebook, retraced, from start to finish, the sad epic of Libra, the idea of Zuckerberg’s stablecoin: with some unpublished details, competitive intelligence by Financial Time

Web 3.0 and Russia, unlike what we read in the media, the closure of the Russian internet network, the full control of digital sovereignty, is a process that has been going on for some time that the war has only slightly accelerated. It is based on sw components (exclusive use of internal DNS) and hw (internal production router only) that allow the use of inspection components for censorship purposes. The new fact, deriving from the war, is that all the major social and service platforms are retreating from Russia: the combined action of the two actions is isolating the country in an unprecedented way. Just as in China and other countries, the control of national digital sovereignty is killing the internet we know: also for reasons of national security, the West cannot stand by and in fact it is reaching total governments control of the network. So about its contents and the people who use it. The solutions exist but they are slow to develop and cumbersome: they are known as apps for the Web 3, or decentralized Web: mesh networks solve local situations for messages between people and communities; Matrix-like solutions for more wide-ranging situations. Low-cost satellite connection services (it is no coincidence that Musk has offered collaboration to Zelinsky) can skip the hw and sw problems and decentralized networks aimed at clouding and web browsing do the rest. The solutions already exist and one of the few positive factors of the war could be precisely to give impetus to the development of them, web intelligence



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