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🇬🇧Innovation Intelligence Review #3

Privacy (havoc in progress), CryptoEconomy, Supply Chain and Arctic, Facebook Metaverse, Sustainability and Fashion …

1939 Schlörwagen was designed by German engineer Hans Schlör von Westhofen Dirmstein

Climate-Intelligence, Venice, an analysis of how MOSE, the current tidal protection system after 50 years in operation only at test level, within the next 50 years will have to be revised to cope with the new expected conditions.

Digital Rights, Personal Privacy, how the need for ease of use in the search for personal relationships on the web leads to the renunciation of one’s privacy, by L'Atelier BNP Paribas

Digital Rights, Behavioural Privacy, How the UK Government is using online sales data of potentially dangerous products to influence and prevent with targeted advertising and direct intervention negative behaviours from buyers, by SCCJR (The Scottish Centre for Crime & Justice Research)

Digital Rights, Government Abuse, how ATLAS works, the Homeland Security algorithm with unknown selection criteria for detecting behavioral anomalies of immigrants in order to revoke citizenship, by The Intercept

DLT-CryptoEconomy, the enlightened Panamanian bill for cryptocurrency regulation that takes into account the evolution of WEB 3.0

DLT-CryptoEconomy, how blockchain is transforming the world’s companies incorporating systems, by SFM

DLT-CryptoFinance, how blockchain is transforming lending and the concerns of U.S. regulators, by NYT

DLT-CryptoBanking for dummies, how crypto banks work (basic-basic level), by NYT

Fintech, mobile-banking, Côte d’Ivoire, where 83% of the population use cell phones as a means of payment, is the perfect example of how Africa is the model to refer to in order to understand how the systems of payments and retail and small business financing will change in the space of a decade, making the current ballast of inefficient intermediaries disappear (fortunately), by Quartz

GeoEconomy 1, ‘970s asymmetry returns in global supply-chain articulation, analysis, by Jean Pisani-Ferri by Bruegel

GeoEconomy 2, United States, the full text (2400 pages .pdf) of USICA (The United States Innovation and Competitions Act’) passed in June by which the government creates the Directorate of Technology and Innovation and allocates 200 billion USD in R&D initiatives to strengthen mainly competitiveness with China

GeoPolitics, Arctic governance gaps and conflict scenarios, by Rand (download .pdf report)

Metaverse, Facebook, Zuckerberg’s intuition comes from far away, from Oculus acquisition in 2014, but the intent to initialize FacebookVerse is an additional danger for users (even if eventually it will), by FastCompany

OSINT, investigative journalism, DDoS leak source that for reliability and content is taking the place of WikiLeaks

Sustainability, fashion, the continuously updated list of Italian brands based on an objective and comprehensive sustainability assessment, by Siamomine (in Italian)

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