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Innovation Intelligence Review #30

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues

This week:

  • Active Activism for Russia
  • Bio Tech and Anti-Aging
  • Crypto Rules: MiCA, the EU regulations; New Bill in Ukraine; US, presidential acceleration order
  • Economic Sanctions: ‘No-Thanks’, the Iran System; the Russian Crypto Channel; The Russian Brain Drain
  • Payments and War, the Remittances to Ukraine and Russia
  • Ramadan: analysis of the modification of social behaviors
  • Essay: Video, a 38' Hawaii True Nuclear Alarm Based On a Fake Input; The FBI Guide to Internet Slang
  • Idiot’s Corner: the EU Banners for Proof-of-Work

Active activism for Russia, if someone wants to let the Russians know a different version of the situation than the one propagated by the regime, they can do so through the tool developed by Squad303. Through the website of the group of cyber-activists it is possible to call, send emails and messages to a database of 160 million random Russian contacts: from time to time the Russians throw it down but it reappears quickly, information intelligence

Bio tech and anti-aging, Altos Labs is a start-up that starts with initial investments of $ 3 billion, which is quite unusual for a start-up. The core business is to reverse the cellular aging process. From another point of view, this study illustrates the slowing of the cognitive decay process in mice through blood transfusions from younger elements, health intelligence by The Economist

Crypto rules (1) EU, The MiCA (Markets in Crypto Asset) regulation voted and approved by the European Parliament: as usual, stupidity in Europe is the guideline. In this case, stablecoins in Euros are practically banned and heavy barriers are placed on the issue of tokens and for de-fi solutions. In this way the European competitiveness of the sector is killed due to the ignorance of those who make the laws and, as usual, to work in advanced markets it will be necessary to emigrate (see below, US), crypto intelligence

Crypto rules (2) Ukraine, the war and the consequent remittances and donations in cryptocurrency (100 million dollars for now) have accelerated the defining process of the Ukrainian legislation in the sector. The president signed last week the entry into force of the law regulating the sector in the country which is the fifth in the world by number of crypto users, crypto intelligence

Crypto rules (3) and US, President Biden last week signed an executive order, ‘Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets’, addressed to all federal agencies with the aim of producing analyzes to create a competitive federal regulation on the crypto universe. The order also specifies the creation of the digital dollar which, moreover, is in an advanced planning stage thanks to the collaboration between the FED Boston branch and MIT, crypto intelligence by The Wall Street Journal

Economic sanctions (1) no-thanks, how Iran’s parallel financial system works to avoid economic embargo (and cryptocurrencies don’t seem part of the trick), financial intelligence by The Wall Street Journal

Economic santions (2) the Russian crypto channel, in this case it seems cryptocurrencies are the trick put in place to move money to the UAE and invest in the Gulf real estate market, financial intelligence by Financial Post,

Economic santions (3) Russian brain drain, BBC reports that some 200,000 people have left Russia following the war. A relative high proportion of this issue are young people working in technology who, due to the financial embargo and digital isolation, find themselves unable to do their jobs competitively, social intelligence by BBC

Payments and war, a brief analysis on the increase in remittances to Ukraine and Russia since the beginning of the conflict: to confirm itself the trend towards Russia will have to find other transit channels given the blocking of all the traditional ones due to the embargo, finance intelligence by Quartz

Ramadan and social behaviors, an interesting report by Meta for Business on the modification of the social, physical and digital habits of Muslims during the Ramadan period. The report refers to the main countries where the Islamic religion is predominant and also to those countries where the Muslim social component is high. The report is interactive for filters based on the different social characteristics of the analyzed samples, social intelligence by Meta

Idiot’s Corner 😡

In this perimeter this week we find the large group of deputies of the European parliament who wanted to ban cryptocurrencies issued through the PoW mechanism. The line-up was made up of Greens/European Free Alliance, Progressive Alliance of Socialist and Democrats, European United Left/Nordic Green Left: fortunately the brilliant amendment did not pass.



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