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Innovation Intelligence Review #32

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues

By Amedeo Demitry by Telegram

This week:

  • Crypto Economy: The Montenegro’s DLT System Starts; DAO, the problem of understanding and regulating in the US; Ukraine State NFTs For War Financing; Crypto Crime Analysis Concepts
  • Environmental Terrorism by Ships
  • Innovation Intelligence: The Future Today Institutes’ 2022 Report
  • Insurance and Innovation: Web 3 (AI, DLT, Robotics) And Sector Develop
  • OSINT: Good Tool For Mapping Civilian Objectives Damages of Ukraine War
  • Metaverse and Web 3: The Sectorial Forecast Develop Report; The Develop Sturctural Limits
  • Essay: Nokia’s Contribution To The Russian Digital Surveillance System
  • Funny: Sex and Computer Magazine, The Strange Story of Yugoslavian Računari

Crypto Economy (1) and National Systems, Montenegro intends to launch its DLT development system in the best possible way, considering the weight of the panel of experts called to think up the guidelines, crypto intelligence by Vijesti

Crypto Economy (2) problems of logical classification, when the innovative reality runs faster than the factual reality we are faced with phenomena that are difficult to understand. This problem is aggravated when those who have to understand are ignorant of innovative phenomena but have to make the rules. The DAO phenomenon and the US reality, crypto intelligence by NYT

Crypto Economy (3) and war, the Meta History Museum of War is a digital museum initiated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation to finance the war against Russia through the sale of thematic NFTs. The speed of implementation and the accuracy of the initialized platform is admirable, despite the fact that the period is not the best to work with peace of mind.

Crypto Economy (4) and cryptocurrency crime estimates, a series of fundamental concepts to keep in mind when you want to speak with full knowledge of the facts about financial crimes related to cryptocurrencies, crypto intelligence by Dynamic Securities Analytics

Environmental terrorism, investigation and analysis of how cargos and tankers clean ‘bilgewater’ deposits creating serious environmental damage and going unpunished for decades (Greta & Co., where are you on this?), environmental intelligence by Deutsche Welle

Innovation Intelligence Reports, for those who work in sectors for which this newsletter is useful, reading the 2022 report by The Future Today Institute is mandatory

Insurance and Innovation, the trends in sector innovation and why robotics, DLT and AI are indispensable elements of development, competitive intelligence by Swati Bhatia

Metaverse and Web 3 (1), Accenture makes a genius by inventing the ‘WebMe’ formula relating to Web 3: it is a genius because five letters contain the sense of innovation. So given it is not protected by copyright I steal it and use it from now on. Accenture uses the genus in its forecast report on sectorial adoption of the Web 3, competitive intelligence by Accenture

Metaverse and Web 3 (2), the structural limits to the development of the two innovative phenomena is not a trivial matter, perhaps even more important than the endogenous limits. I will return to the subject specifically and in the meantime this analysis on the most obvious thing is significant: bandwidth, innovation intelligence by Financial Times

OSINT tool, for analysis on the damage of the war in Ukraine with regard to civilian objectives a good tool is the interactive one provided by Bellingcat. In addition to the ease and articulation of use, it’s a good level tool because Bellingcat does not follow the annoying trend of the general media in providing false or unverified news on the subject but, before updating the systems, verifies and compares the different sources, OSINT by Bellingcat




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