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Innovation Intelligence Review #33

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

This week:

  • AI: Images From Text, Facial Recognition And War
  • Cryptocurrencies And War: Systemic (un)Use And Crypto Values No-Boom, Micro-Economic Support Use
  • CryptoEconomy: New Job Organization By DAO
  • Privacy: Apps That Covertly Collect Data For Govs, Privacy And Metaverse
  • Science And Communication: The U.K. Solution
  • Stablecoins: USDC Resilience
  • Start-Up: The Steve Jobs Bias
  • Essay:The Vocabilary Of Mushrooms
  • Funny: Guide To Compile Messages To Extraterrestrials

AI (1) and Creativity, OpenAI’s latest product is DALL-E 2: it is capable of creating images given a textual description and is currently still in an experimental phase. The concept that worries me, absurdly and with an extreme view, is that machine learning feeds on data that the human being labels: when the power data, in turn, will be all productions of algorithms of the DALL-E type 2, what will it produce AI?

AI (2) and war, Clearview is a world leader in facial recognition: the primacy has been achieved in defiance of any existing privacy law and, for this reason, the company is the target of the main digital rights defense organizations. Now with a clever move of redemption, the management has decided to make its services available to the Ukrainian government in the various forms useful for the war: is this enough to cancel the rest? Privacy intelligence by NYT

Cryptocurrencies and war (1), the BTC value, one of the most formidable bullshit, so far, provided by the so-called experts of all latitudes in any media following the Ukrainian war was the systemic use of cryptocurrencies to, first of all, circumvent sanctions and, then, finance Ukraine (Why would Ukraine need cryptocurrencies to be financed? No idea). I repeat it for the umpteenth time with the support of market parameters that anyone can go and see: this was not the case. Below is a fair analysis on the reasons for the failed boom, crypto intelligence by NYT

Cryptocurrencies and war (2), micro-economics support, the micro-economic discourse is different if we look at how the different individual communities, both in Russia and in Ukraine, have reacted and are reacting due to the structural difficulties that both the sanctions and the interruptions of services caused by the war are causing, crypto intelligence by Miriam Buss

Cryptoeconomy and job organization, the information-based companies demonstrate the limits of the current organizational forms based on relationships with stakeholders rigidly divided between internal and external. These limits are very evident when we look at the relationships with orbital workers, that is, the stakeholders-workers who orbit in the domain of companies such as Uber or app development. Adopting a DAO formulation can be a solution, crypto intelligence by Future-A16Z

Privacy (1) and app, a few days ago Google banned from the store a number of apps that contained lines of code, developed by a Panamanian company, used to send users’ personal data without their knowledge (here how it works). The two researchers who uncovered the matter also found that one of the recipients of the data was a US defense cyber intelligence contractor, social intelligence by The Wall Street Journal

Privacy (2) and metaverse, an interesting paper published by the ‘Italian Institute for Privacy and data Valorisation’ questions the possible evolution of the concept of privacy with the advent of the metaverse. The preservation of the identity of the individual, the aim of the current GDPR-style regulations, does not end through the current focus on the data and bio-digital characteristics of each one but also extends to behavioral indicators in cyberspace. Already now the analysis of digital behavior is not covered by the regulations: the metaverse will take the problem to the extreme when, to put it simply, our avatars will produce data even from an elementary gesture of the hands or eyes. To read, social intelligence by IIP

Science and communication are two things that, if combined badly, can do damage. The damage almost always happens when it is politicians or the non-specialist media who communicate what scientists do or say. In the U.K. a few years ago an attempt was made to solve the problem by setting up the Science Media Center through which scientists communicate directly with the public through the mediation and collaboration of specialized internal professionals to translate scientific language. However, even this solution does not seem to work when the money for research comes from the government, communication intelligence by The Guardian

Stable Coins and collateral, one of the main stability problems of backed stablecoins is whether the collateral is adequate to ensure repayment and where the reserves are. The latter is an important factor in safeguarding against the ‘get the money and run’ hypothesis. The two problems have been undermining the credibility of Theter, the main stablecoin, for years, due to the almost total lack of transparency regarding both issues. Circle, which issues USDC one of the main stablecoins on the market, has long since solved the first problem, through the third certification of the financial statements, and now it has also solved the second by signing an agreement to try reserves with BNY Mellon (one of the oldest US banks), finance intelligence by Cision

Start-up and bias, ‘the Steve Jobs bias is thinking the gap between how you envision users will use your product — and how users actually use your product is lower as opposed to reality.’ This is a bias that affects many start-ups, not just the SaaS ones indicated in the analysis, and is the application to the world of the realization of the business idea of the overconfidence bias, competitive intelligence by Crewcharge

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