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Innovation Intelligence Review #34

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

This week:

  • CBDC Brazil: By The Year The Pilot
  • Climatic Tipping Point: Things Are Not What They Seem
  • Crypto Crime, The Real Case Of How A ‘Follow The Crypto’ Investigation Works
  • Digital Warfare: No Open Source Map, No Fonts, Yes Cryptocurrencies, Facebook’s Quackery, The Route Used By Belarusians To Circumvent Censorship
  • Finance, The Presumed Size Of The Hawala In Africa
  • Privacy: The Espionage of Spain Against Their Citizens
  • Essay: Products’ Real Costs
  • Funny: NATO Foreign Ministers Singing ‘We Are The World’

CBDC Brazil, the president of the Brazilian central bank has announced the launch, later this year, of the pilot project of the state digital Rial, finance intelligence

Climatic Tipping Point, new research is giving us hope that crossing a tipping point might not be as disastrous for an Earth system as generally believed. Supported by the EU-funded TiPES project, the research shows that tipping of spatially heterogeneous systems such as ice sheets, lakes and forests does not always lead to irreversible changes in the whole system. In fact, the results might often be more subtle and less severe, climatic intelligence by Environmental Research Letters journal

Crypto crime, the real case, explained in simple terms, of how a ‘follow the crypto’ investigation works, crypto intelligence by Wired

Digital warfare (1), open source map, OpenStreetMap is the crowdsourcing platform also used by Amazon and Apple for their maps. It has been found that the update by Ukrainian contributors has allowed the Russians to refine their artillery and missile attacks: so the Ukrainian contributors are stopping to update, digital war intelligence by Rest of World

Digital warfare (2), fonts, by adhering to the sanctions, the US Monotype has blocked the use of its fonts, that is, most of the most popular ones. No problem for normal internet users but someone for publishing houses and the state that uses Times New Roman as a standard, digital war intelligence by Radio Free Europe

Digital warfare (3), cryptocurrencies, yet another confirmation, from a sector specialist, on how Russia’s systemic bypass of sanctions through cryptocurrencies (read almost everywhere) is an idiocy, digital war intelligence by Chainalysis

Digital warfare (4), the sloppiness of Facebook, how the sloppiness of Facebook’s algorithms and business processes undermine correct information. In countries, such as Indonesia or Georgia, where Facebook is a fundamental way of information, the fact that accounts are suspended automatically or upon partisan reporting is causing serious damage to the accuracy of information. This is because the counter reports of the account owners are not taken into consideration by Meta, digital war intelligence by Coda

Digital warfare (4), Belarusians and censorship, to avoid censorship, and to have and distribute more complete information than the regime’s, the inhabitants of the country use Telegram and then print and distribute clandestinely, digital war intelligence by Coda

Finance, Hawala is not an innovation and, even less, a technological one. It is an informal system of money transfer between two parties, based on trust in brokers, which dates back to the eighth century. Since then it has been used at a systemic level to circumvent sanctions and embargoes, with the complacency of broker-states, and above all at the level of micro-transactions. An analysis by defect of the African market, finance intelligence by Quartz

Privacy, CatalanGate, as Spain, a Western country (no Russia, China, Venezuela …), has been spying on its citizens for years and is, most likely, continuing to spy on them, individual intelligence by Citizen Lab and The New Yorker

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