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Innovation Intelligence Review #35

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

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This week:

  • AI: Cause of Bias on NPL; An Ethical Develop Purpose: The Slow Way
  • Biotech: Brain Computer Interface: State Of The Art In US; Decentralized Models Of Development
  • Geoeconomics, The Humanitarian Catastrophic Predictions About Food As A Result Of The War In Ukraine
  • Geopolitics, a Chinese criticism of Russian action
  • Jobs, The Monetization Of Social Creators
  • Meta Money, After The Failure Of Libra Facebook Will Try Again
  • Privacy, Comics Against The Google Privacy Havoc
  • Renewable energy: storage at zero impact
  • Essay: The Wolf Is Back, Jordan Belfort And Crypto
  • Funny: Queen Elizabeth II’s Barbie Tribute
  • Idiot’s Corner: The Birds Are Not Real

AI (1), bias, retracing the history of machine learning, with many basic references, we analyze the reasons behind the bias in NPL processes, AI intelligence by The Gradient

AI (2), the slow way, the principles behind the DIAR (Distributed AI Research Institute), founded by a Google exile (fired), which aims at the slow development of AI through the cornerstone of precaution, AI intelligence by IEEE Spectrum

Biotech (1), Brain Computer Interface, roundup of US technologies and sanitary fields of application with regard to long-term BCI implants, biotech intelligence by Nature

Biotech (2) decentralized development, in the USA the biotech sector has always been very centralized for research actors and territories of development. Now with the cloud, and even DAO architectures, the entire industry development model is having benefits, biotech intelligence by Future by A16Z

Geoecomics, World Bank, UN and traders agree to predict humanitarian catastrophe due to rising food prices (not lack of food) cause the war after Covid, geoeconomics by BBC

Geopolitics, China and War, an extremely critical view of Russia, with regard to the war in Ukraine, by a prominent member of the Chinese establishment, geopolitics by USCNPM

Jobs, how much do social creators earn? On average very little and with high levels of stress, according to the sector report that analyzes not only the monetary components, job intelligence by Linktree

Meta money, Zuck-Bucks is the name given internally to the Meta platform token. After the miserable failure of Libra project, Facebook & C. is thinking of monetizing social interactions through its own centralized token, crypto intelligence by Financial Time

Privacy and Google, a comic book (downloadable also in .pdf and therefore suitable to be also disseminated perhaps in schools, for those interested) explains very well the havoc of personal privacy, functional to monetization and control, implemented by the Google universe and its progress over the years, individual intelligence by Leah Elliott


Renewable energy, storage, energy as well as being produced with zero environmental impact must also be stored with zero impact: current lithium batteries in this sense are not the best way. The new technologies that are developing in the US, climate intelligence by The New Yorker

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