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Innovation Intelligence Review #36

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

by ElleHell on Instagram

This week:

  • AI, Chinese Rules For Algorithm Development
  • Crypto: Bitcoin Legal Tender In Central African Republic, In Panama The New Bill For Regulation, BlackRock’s DLT Vision, Telegram Payments By Chat, A Strange New Respectability
  • Payments: Saudi Arabia And De-Dollarization, Somalia As Mobile Payments Laboratory
  • Techno-Feudalism, Assonances Between Medieval Economy And The Present
  • Techno-fraud, The Strange Story Of Worldcoin
  • Essay: Thomas Piketty’s Latest Reflections On The Treatment Of Inequality
  • Funny: Google Heart Visual Clock

AI and algorithm ethics, China, the first country in the world, has promulgated a regulation with constantly revised recommendations, ‘Regulations on the Administration of Algorithm Recommendations for Internet Information Services’, on the relationship between algorithm and citizen and its development, below the analysis by Alberto Romero, ethics intelligence

Crypto (1), after El Salvador, the Central African Republic, 4.6 million inhabitants of which 11% connected to the internet, is the second country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, in this case alongside the CFA, at the link the adoption law, crypto intelligence

Crypto (2), in Panama, on the other hand, the law on the regulation of crypto instruments is about to be approved. Cryptocurrencies do not become legal tender but can be accepted as a B2C and B2B form of payment; instruments such as DAO and STO become accepted contractual regulation form, at the link the text of the original and debated proposal of law, crypto intelligence

Crypto (3), BlackRock has long embraced the blockchain vision, monetary and non-monetary, and here explains why, crypto intelligence by iShares

Crypto (4), Telegram payments, the platform’s users can make payments to each other in chat using Toncoin, the company’s crypto traded in the main exchanges, (by clicking on bot ‘ [@]wallet’ the tool and the instructions on how to do it). The Telegram’s wallet allows you to exchange and buy Bitcoins and top up your account through cards, crypto intelligence

Crypto (5), a ‘strange new respectability’, news like the four above coupled with the fact that, for example, at this year’s crypo conference in Nassau, people like Bill Clinton and Tony Blayr expressed visions of inclusion for the crypto economy suggest that, as the good title suggests, perhaps we are slowly coming out of the tunnel. The hawkish positions remain, blinds in not seeing what is happening and obtuse in not understanding how things work: a typical example is Fabio Panetta, former General Director of the Bank of Italy, member of Executive Board for the ECB and responsible for it for the development of the digital Euro, of which one of the latest pearls was the statement that cryptocurrencies should only be issued by central authorities (sic!), finance intelligence by Politico

Payments (1) Saudi Arabia and the de-dollarization process, the Arab country is seriously considering accepting Yuan from China as a payment currency for oil supplies, payments intelligence by The Wall Street Journal

Payments (2) Somalia, with all the political and social problems of recent years, Somalia is a laboratory for mobile payments. With a weak banking system, high remittances from abroad and more than 9 out of 10 people who use mobile payments, the market is characterized, unlike other African countries, by many very innovative small operators, payments intelligence by Quartz

Techno feudalism, an interesting juxtaposition between the feudal economy and the post-capitalist economy that sees the current big-ones (FAANG) as lords of their own digital fiefdom in which the production of value is only for their exclusive advantage, economic intelligence by Mark Timberlake

Techno fraud, the strange story of Worldcoin where crypto, biometrics, universal income, poverty and no guarantee of privacy are mixed in a scenario that is still active and worrying, investigations by MIT

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