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Innovation Intelligence Review #38

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

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This week:

  • Big-Ones Money: A Visual Prospective
  • China And Demography: Big Troubles Again
  • Cloud Economy Index
  • Crypto: Stable Coins, Trouble But Not For All; The Strange Case Of Catalonia 2017 Independence; Coinbase’s Mess; The New Initiative Of David Marcus
  • Intelligence Analysis: The Preventive Ukraine CIA Process
  • Kill Switch: The Internet Repression Weapon
  • Robotics: DARPA’s SubT Challenger
  • Essay: Mathematicians, Geniuses And Recklessness; ‘Sampuro’ Japanes Food Art
  • I wish I Had Written It: Dementia As A Parallel World

Big-Ones Money, a visual analysis of how (and how much) Amazon, Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft and Meta (Facebook) produce profits, economic intelligence by Visual Capitalist

China and demographics have always had a conflicting relationship. Given the size of the population, the policies of expansion and reduction implemented over the decades based on socio-economic needs have always been constrictive. The worst is that they have always given rise to ‘long tails’ in opposition to the changed economic and social scenarios. This is emerging again and constraint is no longer the structural way forward, social intelligence by Foreign Affairs

Cloud economy index, an interesting interactive report by MIT on the relationship between the economies of different countries and cloud services (with country tabs), IT intelligence by MIT

Crypto (1), Stablecoins trouble: the UST stablecoin (Terra, algorithmic 1: 1 with the US dollar, here how it run, details and problems) acted as a systemic test in case of stress and failed. Its value has collapsed to a fraction of a dollar and, despite the corrective actions of the platform that manages it, the situation has not improved; consequently, those who still have it in their stomach have lost almost all of their value in proportion to the amount owned. This means that the algorithms that regulate stablecoins of this type are not yet mature to withstand the stresses that, in other times, were called ‘rush on the bank (or ATMs)’. The major ‘backed’ stablecoins, therefore with collateral theoretically in dollars, instead have more or less withstood the market stress even with some difficulties. Tether (USDT) had 37% of reserves in commercial paper and 6% in other assets: considering the Nasdaq trend and that the company continues not to provide third party auditing, there had to be reassurance communications from the managers; idem for USDC, which since October 2021 does not provide the collateral values ​​that at the time were all in dollars but, even here, no updated audit, crypto intelligence

Crypto (2) the strange case of the intrigue between Catalonia’s 2017 independence attempt, Russian willingness to support and the counterpart of becoming the world center of crypto markets. Too much stuff in the investigative journalism investigation: the semblance is that of a scam, crypto intelligence by OCCRP

Crypto (3), the mess of Coinbase, the company, in addition to losing 67% of its share value since the beginning of the year, scoring an own goal in the management report Q1–22 aimed at shareholders, adding a legal warning on the consequences of possible, potential, bankruptcy, explaining nothing about that. Naturally there was an uproar: congratulations for the communication, crypto intelligence

Crypto (4), David Marcus was president of PayPal before becoming head of the Libra (Diem) project by Facebook’s (Meta). After Libra died he left Meta and has now announced the creation of Lightsparks, a strart-up focused on small transactions and crypto back-end services for business operators and developers. Considering who is investing in it and the team but, above all, the idea, it is a project to follow, crypto intelligence

Intelligence analysis, the CIA approach to the construction of the Ukrainian scenario: important, also and above all in the field of innovation intelligence, for the preventive and public dissemination components applied, intelligence’s processes by Financial Times

Kill Switch: internet used as a weapon of repression by blocking internal and external communications: a practice inaugurated in 2016 by Egypt and which is spreading widely in the world, individual intelligence by Rest of World

Robotics, SubT is a challenge by Darpa that since 2018 has been competing robotic performances in extreme conditions. It is a question of mapping without GPS, by a team of robots, an underground environment and its artifacts for miles of tunnel in adverse situations. The winner is whoever takes less time with the same accuracy which, this year for the winner, was more than 99%, robotics intelligence by IEEE Spectrum

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