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Innovation Intelligence Review #39

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

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This week:

  • CBDCs: The SWIFT Approach
  • China, A Look At 2041 Through Sci-Fi
  • Demography: A Graphic Visualization Of Past And Future Of Humanity
  • Intelligence: Secrecy Versus Computerization
  • Privacy: Waiting For Since 1890, If It Were A TV Series In Europe It Would Be Called ‘GDPR: Nice But No Thanks’: Forms’ Keyloggers Data Theft Episode And Real-Time Bidding Episode
  • SOCMINT: BeReal The Real Life Social Network App, Douban 17 Years Of Uncensored Social Network In China, TikTok As Support Intell Tool For War
  • Essay: METI And SETI NASA’s Alien Intelligence Projects, Venezuela And Democracy As Commodity

CBDCs, SWIFT has long understood the need to renew itself along two lines: dedolarization and decentralization. Most likely the business model will not survive, at least at the C2C and B2C level: the B2B issue, that is the interbank, is different. It is precisely in this sense that efforts are being directed in conjunction with Cap Gemini, payments intelligence

China, the Chinese perspective on the future, in 2041, through the lens of the sci-fi of Stanley Chan(Qiufan Chen), social intelligence by Cornell University

Demography, a graphic visualization of past and future of humanity with perspective scenarios (innovation intelligence focus), social intelligence by Our World in Data

Intelligence, analysis of how secrecy is proving to be an obstacle in the modern American (and not only) intelligence system based on computerization, innovation 4 intelligence by American Purpose

Privacy (1), past and present, in 1890 two Boston lawyers, Samuel D. Warren and Louis D. Brandeis (Warren will become judge of the Supreme Court), in the light of the invention of the portable camera, questioned for the first time on the relationship between privacy and technology from the point of view legal. Reading their paper, and the excellent historical analysis by Zeynep Tufekci, you can realize after 130 years we are still waiting for an answer to many questions posed at the time, social intelligence by NYT

Privacy (2) and keyloggers, analysis on sites around the world on how the data forms collect what is typed before agreeing to send the data, social intelligence by University of Lausanne, Radbound University and imec-COSIC at KU Leuven

Privacy (3) and Real-Time Bidding (RTB), report about seamless profiling and tracking via browser, social intelligence by Irish Council for Civil Liberties

Social Network (1), BeReal is a French app that is garnering a lot of media and user interest: it is based on the fact that the user has a random two-minute time slot during the day to post a picture of him. The images are unfiltered and it is indicated if someone, during the two minutes, deletes and takes again the photo. To know more ,SOCMINT by The New Yorker

Social Network (2), Douban is a messed-up niche Chinese social network that has been dodging censorship for 17 years (registering and understanding how it works is a difficult task for a non-Chinese). Given up for dead many times, and since 2019 put under control, it still manages with extreme difficulty to perform the function not for which it was born but in which it has progressively transformed, SOCMINT by Rest of World

Social Network (3), TikTok used to support intelligence in the Ukrainian war: scraping through hastag, SOCMINT by Bellingcat

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