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🇬🇧Innovation Intelligence Review #4

Four-year Stanford on the multidisciplinary state of AI, stop uncontrolled urbanization in China, the lies of Facebook management …

by Lin Yung Cheng

AI, published by Stanford the new AI 100 quadrennial report, a landmark on the evolution of AI in the multidisciplinary and ethical context: where was, where is and where (perhaps, within four years) will be AI and with what dangers

Competitive Intelligence 1, comparative analysis on UCAAS and Metaverse markets, by L'Atelier BNP Paribas

Competitive Intelligence 2, how the contact lens market is changing as a function of the high time spent in front of screens by digital generations and the response of manufacturers, by Quartz

Crypto Intelligence, NFT, the problem of copyright theft of works digitized in tokens and the attempted solution through AI, by VICE

Finance Intelligence, China, more than a year ago, analyzing the Sino-approach to CBDC, I posed as a variable of internal scenario what would be the behavior of the government in having to impose the DC-EP — the digital Yuan — in front of the presence of the two domestic giants in the payments market, Trecent and Alibaba. The scenario now from this point of view is emerging through the government impositions put in place, in the last period and with different justifications, towards the two companies: they are not at all favourable to them, by The Financial Times

Geopolitics, Portugal, analysis of the country’s economic model, by Foreign Policy

Social Intelligence 1, the attempt (failed but not useless) of ‘seavilization’, i.e. to build a social microcosm on the sea: in this case on board a cruise ship, (despite the title the cryptos has little to do with it) by The Guardian

Social Intelligence 2, China, change of course in uncontrolled urbanization: two documents, on August and September, in which the Ministry of reference imposes new urbanization guidelines that introduce a generational change

Social Intelligence 3, 56% of young people aged 16–25 believe that humanity is doomed for climate reasons, survey of 10,000 people conducted by the University of Bath. Problem: What future if there is no future?

SOCMINT 1, Facebook Leaks, WSJ has begun to produce a series of thematic articles showing how Facebook management declares, on certain topics, ethical and/or rule-compliant behaviors — external and internal — while the company’s internal documentation disproves in fact the adoption of such behaviors before the declarations themselves. The first five posts are on the existence of a whitelist of accounts for which the rules of publication do not apply, on the awareness of the addiction created on teenagers by Instagram, on the failure to address the growing problem of hate-speech, on the use of the group’s platforms for criminal and / or terrorist purposes and on the uncontrolled spread of anti-vax theses, by Wall Street Journal

SOCMINT 2, predicting civil unrest through algorithmic analysis of social media: methodologies, literature, and use cases


The history of pixels and the analysis (technically accessible to everyone) of what are (or are not) what everyone thinks are dots, by AEON

Causes of conflict in individual behavior between the need for privacy and carelessness in personal conduct on the web, by Psysche

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