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Innovation Intelligence Review #40

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

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This week:

  • AI, Backdoors’ Biases
  • Canada Intelligence: US As A Factor Of Instability
  • Neurosciences And Mental Privacy
  • Russian Social Support: Polls
  • Sanctions: A DOT Intervention International Scheme
  • SOCMINT: POTUS’ Gaffes, Interior Russian’s Propaganda Structure And Its Results In Comparison With Reality, An international Panel Of Experts Is Available For The Debunking Of Misinformation, EU On Fediverse
  • Terrorism: Global Impact 2022
  • Essay: The Bayraktar Drones’ Story, The Mass Shootings Database
  • Funny: The Crypto Constitution
  • Idiots: EU And The Control Of The Users Contents On Platforms

AI and hacking, in this study the American researchers focused on the danger of the presence of backdoors, in the compilation of machine learning algorithms, aimed at the possibility of instilling bias in favor of predetermined domains by hackers, AI intelligence

Canada indicates, in the scenario forecasts for the 2020s, how the US is a factor of instability on its borders and explains the causes, social intelligence by the report of the Canadian Task Force on National Security for the 1920s,

Neuroscience and mental data, the multidisciplinary development of neuroscience (brain interface and everything that follows from it in the related sectors) is leading to reflect on how to consider the neural data of everyone in terms of privacy, social intelligence by Abel Wajnerman Paz on ‘Minds and Machines’

Russian social support, both domestic and independent polls show internal approval of President Putin’s action ranging from 79% to 83%. Perhaps it would be the case that Western propaganda took this into account, before telling bullshit about coups, popular discontent and strength of various internal oppositions, social intelligence by Reuters

Sanctions, US Treasury intervention scheme against some Russian technology companies and research institutes, economic intelligence

SOCMINT (1) and Mr.President, Chinese netizens, public and non-public alike, have nicknamed John Biden ‘sleep king’ because of his advanced age and the resulting (and supposed) physical conditions that would undermine his mental and no-mental health. Another reason is POTUS ‘ curious habit of making gaffes and then retract his words: recently the one about Putin and now the one about Taiwan. The structure of the gaffe model, (importance of affirmation — denial — repetition) seems artfully constructed so as to raise the doubt that they are part of a very specific communication strategy, social media intelligence by @DFRLab

SOCMINT (2) and Russia, on the one hand, the analysis of the structuring of Russian disinformation and propaganda internally since the annexation of Crimea in 2014; on the other hand, the results of the action when people are confronted with factual reality, social media intelligence by The New Yorker and The Atlantic

SOCMINT (3) debunking, the University of Bristol provides an international panel of experts for the debunking of misinformation: more than 100 specialists are available for media, govs and NGOs, social media intelligence

SOCMINT (4) EU, as Gizmondo tells various entities of the European Union have begun to operate, at the level of social networks, by opening profiles in the ‘fediverse’. This is the set of decentralized and alternative social networks to the usual platforms. The intention is commendable but here too we see how chaos reigns in Brussels where, evidently, the right hand does not know (or does not want to know) what the left is doing. Most of the ‘fediverse’ platforms work on blockchain, through tokens and point-to-point cryptography, therefore through the technologies that the different ‘geniuses’ of the EU institutions want to tie and to limit, thus removing from the ‘fediverse’ the tools that differentiate from centralization existing, social media intelligence

Terrorism, Global Impact Index 2022, economic intelligence by Institute For Economics & Peace



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