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Innovation Intelligence Review #41

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

This week:

  • AI: Autonomous Cars From Robotic Mentality To Self-Learning Mentality, Google Text-To-Image Diffusion Model
  • Bio-Materials For Orthopedics
  • Cryptoeconomy: Investment Indicators Say The Market Continues To Believe It, Chainalysis: New Tool Dedicated To Smart-Contracts
  • Geoengineering, And The Risks Of Human Climate Manipulation
  • Marketplace US Rank
  • Microsoft New Digital Identity Verification System
  • Passports Annual Index
  • SOCMINT And Markets,
  • Essay: The Problem Of English As The Only Programming Language, U.S. Pres­id­en­tial Emer­gency Action Docu­ments
  • Funny: AI-generated donuts
  • Idiot Corner: The Opinion Of Christine Lagarde About Cryptocurrencies (… And After 10 Years I Am Seriously Getting Tired)

AI (1) and autonomous vehicles, an interesting post by MIT Technology Review which illustrates the evolution of the approach to autonomous driving. From interacting robotic systems, the development of which integration is causing a development stalemate, sector startups are moving towards approaching the problem through neural networks based on reinforcement learning, AI intelligence by MIT

AI (2) text-to-image diffusion model, Imagen is a text-to-image system developed by Google based on the understanding of written description to produce corresponding images through libraries and a trained neuronal network. The novelty in this case is that the human output evaluators considered the images produced by Imagen to be the best, compared to other text-to-image systems available and with regard to both quality and text-to-image correspondence, AI intelligence by Google Research/Brain Team

Bio-Materials for orthopedics have the main defect in the wear and consequent release of fragments that cause inflammation. From the European research, coordinated by an Israeli company, MP-1 a new inert biocompatile polymer, which has already obtained the CE mark, which seems to solve this and other problems, materials intelligence by Cordis

Cryptoeconomy (1) and and investments, despite the crossfire coming above all from the various institutions in the various countries, the investment market continues to believe in the crypto economy. Investment house Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z), the first to believe massively in the sector and a leader in commitments, has raised the resources dedicated to the sector to 7.5 billion USD and its competitor are no less, crypto intelligence by Bloomberg


Cryptoeconomy (2) investigations, Chainalysis, a leading company in the sector of crypto investigation tools and analysis, presents a new product dedicated to NFT, Web3 and smart contracts, crypto intelligence

Geoengineering is the term that defines the studies and technologies to manipulate the climate in a given territory. Like all technologies, they can be used for multiple purposes, not least as a geopolitical and geo-economic weapon of coercion. In this document the main risks of the tools available today and in the video a visual summary, climate intelligence by Rand

Marketplace US rank, the rank on the best performing US marketplaces published for the third year. The methodology has changed, from the observation of only managerial transactions to an evaluation of the metrics of the performance of the apps and the traffic of the websites too, markets intelligence by Future A16Z

Microsoft unveiled its new digital identity verification system, Entra Verified ID: management expects it to become main-drive in three years. So far everything is fine, it is also good that it inherits the concept of decentralization from the previous system, Verified ID. What goes a little less well, at the privcy level, is that it can be implemented at the administration level with requests for sensitive data towards users. First, to be allowed, implementations must deal with existing legislation, otherwise if allowed in advance, it will be a problem to find abuses; second, who guarantees the possible security of sensitive data? Privacy intelligence

Passport, the annual index of passports has been published. It is a good global indicator both of freedom for citizens of different countries and of perception of freedom for the administrations that issue documents, social intelligence by Henley & Partners

SOCMINT and e-commerce, social characteristics influence the structure of social networks and, consequently, the approach to markets through them. Below are three examples in three different countries based on ecommerce, SOCMINT by The Rest Of The World

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