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Innovation Intelligence Review #42

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

  • [No]Decentralization: Bitcoin, The Curious Results Of An Investigation Into Exchanges Between The Beginning (Of History) And February 2011; Recent Data About The Real Decentralization Of BTC; The Risks Of The Current De-Fi Framework Structure
  • European 2022 Unicorn Report
  • Private Intelligence: U.K. As Free Zone
  • Quantum Computing: Reality Vs. Fantasy
  • Relationship Connections: Meta’s (Biased) Point Of View
  • Renewable Electricity World Map
  • Virtual Shopping: The Opinion Of Consumers
  • Essay: Amazon’s Map of Conflicts, Animal’s Perception Of The World
  • Funny: The AI’s ‘Baltimore Orioles’ Effect
  • I Wish I Had Written It: Psychotechnology, Happiness And Sci-Fi



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