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Innovation Intelligence Review #42

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

This week:

  • AI: The Seven Trends That Are Emerging During 2022
  • [No]Decentralization: Bitcoin, The Curious Results Of An Investigation Into Exchanges Between The Beginning (Of History) And February 2011; Recent Data About The Real Decentralization Of BTC; The Risks Of The Current De-Fi Framework Structure
  • European 2022 Unicorn Report
  • Private Intelligence: U.K. As Free Zone
  • Quantum Computing: Reality Vs. Fantasy
  • Relationship Connections: Meta’s (Biased) Point Of View
  • Renewable Electricity World Map
  • Virtual Shopping: The Opinion Of Consumers
  • Essay: Amazon’s Map of Conflicts, Animal’s Perception Of The World
  • Funny: The AI’s ‘Baltimore Orioles’ Effect
  • I Wish I Had Written It: Psychotechnology, Happiness And Sci-Fi

AI and trends, to say that AI is a rising technology is like saying that cheeses are good in France and pasta is good in Italy: it means nothing. AI is a horizontal technological paradigm that is combined in a multisectoral, vertical way, and gives rise to application trends defined as a function of time. This report has the advantage of analyzing which are, now, the boundaries within which the most significant trends are occurring, innovation intelligence by CBINSIGHT

[No] Decentralization (1), a multi-handed work, headed by a data scientist at Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, led to a curious result. In the period between the start of Bitcoin trading and the achievement of parity with the US dollar (February 9, 2011), most of the bitcoins were mined by only 64 miners. A ‘51% attack’ therefore would have been very easy but it was not: the cooperation so that this did not happen among the 64 (or part of them) was very high, in order to preserve the functioning of the algorithm. The observation that the authors of the investigation rightly make is how the success of a decentralized network was based, at the beginning, on the centralized cooperation of anonymous agents with the same purpose, crypto intelligenge by Alyssa Blackburn and others

[No] Decentralization (2), coming to more recent times, this study highlights three important aspects regarding the centralization of BTC: the first, 75% of exchanges are concentrated on exchanges; the second. ‘the Bitcoin mining capacity highly concentrated, but it varies counter-cyclically with the Bitcoin mining rewards. As a result, the risk of a 51% attack increases in times when the Bitcoin price drops precipitously or after the halving events.’; the third, half of the BTC in circulation is in the hands of individual investors and a third to intermediaries, thus making the non-centralized quantity equal to one sixth. La considerazione è una riflessione sull’effettiva decentralizzazione della criptovaluta e, quindi, sulla sua stabilità, crypto intelligence by National Bureau of Economic Research


[No] Decentralization (3), having as a basic concept the parallelism between the articulation and management of the tools that led to the 2008 crisis and the current structuring of the De-Fi framework, Hillary J. Allen, law professor dedicated to analyzing the crypto world, puts warned about the risks of decentralization of instruments not combined with decentralization of intermediaries, crypto intelligence by American University, Washington College of Law

European unicorn and soon-unicorn 2022 report,as every year published the report of European unicorns by EuropeUnicornMap. The absence of my country from the map speaks volumes (along with other indicators) on the comatose state of innovation (not of innovators) in Italy, innovation intelligence


Private intelligence, this report tends to highlight how the UK has become an sort of offshore paradise for private intelligence agencies. Inadequate regulation is allowing the proliferation of actors who have their commercial strength in actions not permitted in other countries, intelligence market by Privacy International

Quantum Computing, as usual when it comes to technological innovation in order to write something, the media and the usual windbags tend to confuse information and transmit imaginative bullshit. Quantum computing is still a laboratory affair and will remain so for many more years: this is a good description of the state of the art, innovation intelligence by NYT

Relationship Connections, Meta has published the first part (of three) of an analysis focused on modifying relationship connections. Logically, it begins with the effects of the pandemic, through a (well done) generational analysis of habits, social relations and these towards brands. At the basis of everything, the path of digital-based relationships is practically irreversible; the end, which can be glimpsed from the titling of parts 2 and 3, is the inevitability of the rise of the metaverse (in its various forms) to which Meta is aiming. Needless to say these analyzes, however well done, are vitiated by the development strategy adopted by the company in the last two years and serve to brainwash operators and users for this strategy to be successful. That the strategy is successful is all to be seen, social intelligence by Meta Foresight

Renewable Electricity World Map, very interesting especially if we remove the ‘hydropower’, factor which is not really a technological innovation, power intelligence by Information Is Beautiful

Virtual shopping, the favorable opinion of consumers regarding the purchase of virtual goods currently does not exceed 40%. Considering how graphically immature the dedicated platforms are, how slow the connections are, how little the viewers are, how difficult it is to pay in crypto, and above all considering that the data is average for all generations, this is not a bad result, mktg intelligence by Productsup

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