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Innovation Intelligence Review #43

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

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This week:

  • AI: Sentience; Trojans, US Civil-Military Divide
  • Crypto Crash, A Guide
  • Digital News, Reuters 2022 Report, Highlight: The Big Escape From News
  • GPS Ship (And Not Only) Hacking
  • Open Source War: Collective Intell And Problems Of International Law; Heritage’s 3D Memory
  • Privacy: Video Conference App, The Microphone Is Off But Listen; List Of Ethical Alternatives SW
  • Essay: Perception Of Electoral Integrity Index, The Consequences Of 1,382 Containers Lost At Sea Every Year
  • Idiot’s Corner: Genderless Voice

AI (1) and sentience, I originally put this comment in the idiot’s corner but, considering the media coverage, it is better to give it different evidence. To get an idea of the type of person who highlighted the issue it is useful to read his blog, for the validity of the argument a useful guide by Enrique Dans

AI (2) and trojans, a couple of weeks ago I indicated an in-depth study on the risk of backdoors on machine learning processes. Expanding the perspective, IARPA has TROJAI (I know, for the Italians the acronym is slightly equivocal, even the American intelligence is not perfect with the code names😂😂😂), a dedicated research and development program, AI intelligence by IARPA

AI (3) divide, the study addresses in the US the perception, predisposition and motivations of civilians who work in private companies to work for solutions commissioned by the DoD for military purposes, AI intelligence by Rand

Crypto crash, a guide to understand the crypto crash and possible developments. It is not deepened vertically but well articulated horizontally, so for each topic, if interesting, it can be deepened on its own, crypto intelligence by Amy Castor

GPS hacking, in the port of Shanghai strange things happen lately to the GPS. AIS, the tracking of ships through GPS, is not hacked by suppressing the signal or disturbing it or sending false data as usual. It has been found that recently every receiver in the same area (ship and non-ship, therefore AIS and non-AIS) receives the same false signals coming from multiple ships. The danger to the safety of navigation is imaginable, SIGINT by MIT Tech Review

Digital news report, as every year, in terms of pages and contents, the report on digital information by Reuters is powerful. The trends that are envisaged are many and articulated: the highlight is that 38% of people choose not to inform themselves, communication intelligence by Reuters and University of Oxford

Open source war (1) and law, the Russian-Ukrainian war, as we have already said, is the first conflict involving commonly used technologies on a large scale. This time it is the smartphones that civilians use, through apps created by the Ukrainian government, to report information and data on the enemy in real time to the armed forces. Then another question opens up, the core of the analysis: does the Geneva Convention apply to these civilians whose actions are collective and distributed intelligence for military purposes? OSINT by Wired

Open source war (2) and heritage, with the same tools, and with the app made available for free by Polycam in agreement with UNESCO, the Ukrainians are scanning all the works of art in 3D in order to be able to faithfully reconstruct them (if destroyed) after the war, art intelligence

Privacy (1) and VCA, this investigation demonstrates how video conferencing apps with the microphone off continue to collect sound data with various background activities, privacy intelligence by University of Wisconsin

Privacy (2) and sw, a complete and constantly updated list of alternative software to the usual used ones: the common factor is that the alternatives respect the privacy of users, privacy intelligence

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