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Innovation Intelligence Review #44

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

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This week:

  • AI for IOT
  • Brain Interface And China’s Porn Censors
  • Cultured Meat, More And More Money
  • Digital Twin, Not Only For Metaverse
  • European Countries’ Recovery And Resilience Plans: Data Set
  • Future Pandemics, A European Coordination Project
  • Neuroscience, Pharmacological Brain Repair After A Stroke
  • SOCMINT: China’s Gov Guideline For Influencers, The Social Network Use Of The New Colombia President
  • Wealth: Lifestyle Index 2022
  • Essay: China’s Comprehensive Multi-Tech Massive Surveillance System, GenZ’s Trend Of Anonymity

AI and IOT are the main drives of IARPA’s Micro4AI program aimed at developing combining innovation, hw, sw and algorithmic, in a context of microelectronics for edge computing applications, innovation intelligence

Brain interface useful to increase the speed and accuracy of the work of Chinese porn censors (in China, publishing and watching porn is a crime). It is calibrated on photos so it can be calibrated, training the ML on the appropriate libraries, on any type of photo, interface intelligence by South China Morning Post

Cultured meat is a research bio-sector that is raising a lot of money especially in Israel and the US. The lowering of production costs, and the gradual opening of consumer regulations in various countries, are pushing the product to mass marketing over an expected period of 5/7 years, bio intelligence by Tech Crunch

Digital twins, having a digital twin is not just an individual factor which, intuitively, will have a development key with the emergence of the metaverse. It is a element that is involving many industrial and eco-social sectors for needs of ‘sandbox’, testing, proreactive prototyping and training, digital intelligence by BBC

European countries’ recovery and resilience plans, an extremely useful dashboard, because it is very detailed, constantly updated and compared, of the national investment plans of European funds for the use of resources destined for post-pandemic recovery (and now also post-consequences of the war), economic intelligence by Bruegel (thanks Luca)


Future Pandemics, Covid-19 has demonstrated the complete inadequacy of coordination in emergency and post-emergency action of the entire European framework, at any level. Aware of this, 19 entities merged into PANDEM-2, a multi-level and multi-sectoral operational research project, financed with Horizon 2020, to try to provide an operational framework for any future needs, bio intelligence

Neuroscience, after a stroke the brain tends to repair itself (plasticity) but the process of replacing and repairing damaged axions is hampered by the overproduction of a protein. Research has experimentally found that a drug, at a low price and already on the market for other purposes, obviates the problem and also increases the ability to plasticity, drug intelligence by Freethink

SOCMINT (1), the Chinese decalogue for influencers. The guidelines for individual topics and skills that influencers must follow, in order not to be banned, have been published by the Chinese culture and tourism departments,

SOCMINT (2), the planned, pervasive and articulated use of the different types of social networks that led the progressive Rodolfo Hernández to win the presidential elections in Colombia, by The Rest Of World

Wealth, we must never forget that in the world 1% of people own 50% of the wealth. It is therefore important to analyze the behavioral characteristics of this elite because they are indicative, qualitatively and quantitatively, of the expectations that structure the flows of money based on individual worth: the annual lifestyle index is useful for this purpose, economic intelligence by Julius Bär

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