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Innovation Intelligence Review #45

Below The Picture The Week’s Issues List

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(…after a week of almost-holiday) This week:

  • AI: Algorithmic Overexposure Bias; BLOOM The Most Powerful Native Open Source LLM-AI
  • China Innovation Intelligence Style
  • Communications: 6G Vision And Tools
  • Cryptoeconomy: As A Store Of Value For The Poor; The Bubble is Deflated: Now?
  • Data Conservation: 10.000 Years, On Glass, Into The Rock
  • Geomatics: WRIVA IARPA Project
  • Neuroscience: 10.000 Electrodes To Know The Brain
  • Privacy: Apple Versus ‘Zero-Click’ Malware
  • Essay: A Tool To Prevent Mass Attacks; Is The Fourth Industrial Revolution A True Revolution?

AI (1) and algorithmic overexposure, in addition to the biases that individually afflict algorithms with social purposes, a multiplicative damage factor is highlighted: those who belong to the less well-off classes must, in order to survive, make greater use of public and private services based on merit classes (or credit-score ) processed on an algorithmic basis with respect to those who, being rich, do not have to resort to certain services. They are therefore overexposed not only to the biases of each algorithm but also to the interaction of the different libraries from which, especially in the US and China, they draw and to the sum (multiplying in the effects) of the errors, social intelligence by MIT

AI(2), BLOOM is the native open-source answer to bigtech projects regarding LLM (Logic Learning Machine). Born from a working collective that brings together about 1000 researchers, and research institutes, in various parts of the world, the initiative started about 2 and a half years ago to provide an ethical, powerful, shared and shareable alternative of AI that can be used by all going beyond commercial logic. To follow in the developments, innovation intelligence

China and innovation, an investigation conducted by eleven investigative media and think-thanks, from seven European countries and headed by Follow the Money and Correctiv30, illustrates the Chinese strategy in the field of innovation intelligence. One of the findings is that some 3.000 European academic collaborations are found to be connected to the ecosystem of the Chinese military, innovation intelligence

Communications, the first overview in a meaningful context of 6G development was published by Samsung’s research center two years ago. Since then, scenario addressing studies have been published: one of the most significant for the proposed solutions is the one on RIS (Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces) of March of this year, partly funded by the RISE-5G project of the EU and in which the Chinese ZTE is also participating (in accordance with the above), communications intelligence

Cryptoeconomy (1), especially BTC is playing an important role as a store of value in countries, such as Venzuela, where the phenomenon of hyperinflation has been manifesting for years. The analysis concerns the Reserve app, active since 2019 and used by 600.000 Venezuelans, the shadows on the effective decentralization and the lights on its function as an aggregator for a need that afflicts the majority community of the less well-off classes, crypto intelligence by The Rest of World

Cryptoeconomy (2), the crypto money bubble deflated (not burst, BTC is still worth $ 20.000), the sale of NFTs followed the trend as did many De-Fi applications, especially in the lending sector. What remains after almost thirteen years? Very little, as detractors argue, compared to alternative technologies or it was a healthy market cleanser, to eliminate bullshit and bad apples, useful to configure DLT for its actual potential beyond illussions (as is the idea of the writer)? Two useful analyzes to form an opinion, crypto intelligence by Financial Times and MIT

Data conservation, Elire, VC, Global Music Vault, in which Elire participates, and Microsoft are storing the ‘most precious music in the world’ in Norway and using the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, the biological seed repository. What interests us here is the storage medium. This is the result of Microsoft’s Project Silica: a square (3x3 inches) in laser-engraved quartz glass designed to hold up to 10 tb forever (unlike magnetic disks, and therefore clouds, which after 5 years start to expire in performance, tapes and CDs / DVDs with a useful life of 15 and 25 years respectively) and, above all, random destruction proof-of (water, fire, doomsday …), innovation intelligence

Geomatics, Walk-Through Rendering Images of Varying Altitudes (WRIVA) is the the new IARPA program to develop software algorithm-based systems that will fuse imagery captured from various altitudes and angles — including from traffic cameras, drones, satellites and other platforms — to build immersive, photorealistic virtual environments of unfamiliar locations across the globe. The aim is to provide law enforcement, the military, or aid workers could virtually drop themselves into a location and look around and become familiar with it before their arrival. These groups often have to deliver rapid support and lifesaving aid to unfamiliar or dynamic areas. Allowing them to prepare ahead of time helps keep them out of harm’s way when they have to conduct these activities, innovation for intelligence

Neurosciences, the multisectoral project that is developing sensor technology to allow neuroscientists to understand how the brain works is named Neuropixel: the next goal is the implantation of 10,000 electrodes, by IEEE Spectrum

Privacy, Apple has announced that the upcoming iOS for iPhone and iPad and OS for Mac will contain NSO’s Pegasus anti zero-click blocking functionality. I don’t trust: despite the words about caring about the privacy of Apple users it has always been denied by the facts and, above all, by companies like NSOs that prove to be light years ahead of the solutions proposed by Cupertino. Use supplementary third-party solutions: they’re cheap and they work, individual intelligence by The Washington Post

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