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Innovation Intelligence Review #47

AI: Anatomy Of An AI System; Military, The Start-Ups Boom-CBDC: China, Second Thoughts, In-Depth Analysis-Culture Warfare: The Destruction…

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This Week:

  • AI: Anatomy Of An AI System; Military, The Start-Ups Boom
  • CBDC China, Second Thoughts, In-Depth Analysis
  • Culture Warfare: The Destruction Of Cultural Heritage As Social Weapon
  • DLT/Crypto, The Network State And Vitalik Buretin’s Opinion
  • Internet, The Probable Next Stage
  • Rare Earths, An Intelligence Agency In U.K.
  • Transport, The Correlations of Flying
  • Video Anomalies And Algorithmic’s Recon
  • TikTok And Screen Hypnosis In Younger People
  • Essay: About Rules; Quantitative Expectation Of winning The Lottery To Have The Ideal Life

AI(1) anatomy of a complex system: all systems, physical and non-physical, that are involved with a voice command to Alexa, amazing, complex systems intelligence by Kate Crawford and Vladan Joler

AI (2) and military, one of the consequences of the Ukrainian war, and of the consequent geopolitical reshaping underway, is the global boom of start-ups dealing with AI processes in the military field. The sector is extremely varied horizontally and the main concerns are two: that development becomes a free point, as it is of national interest, where everything is allowed and, second, the cumbersome military decision-making processes compared to the typical project development of a startup. with a high technological gradient, innovation intelligence by MIT

DLT/Crypto, a book has been released, ‘The Network State’, Balaji Srinivasan (free to download), which thinks about possible social systems governed by decentralized entities or, at least, decentralized systems with more or less centralized governance. Vitaik Burletin provides his point of view, social and DLT intelligence by Vitalik Burletin

Internet is evolving. It is not a matter of competence of futurology but of the intelligence of innovation. Within 5/7 years, alternative forms of network will begin to consolidate: so much is the money invested and so many models are being developed. Currently, and stupidly, the discussion revolves around Web3 yes / no and blockchain yes / no chasing short and very short-term situations and facts that have little to do with the evolution of the network. The scenario that lies ahead is, as always, hybrid, not yet defined in the perimeters and standards but many solutions are on the table, as the MIT analysis well describes, internet intelligence by MIT

CBDC China, the Digital Yuan project is getting longer in moving from the beta-test phase to mass adoption. On the occasion of a recent CF40 Forum Finance, a bi-weekly forum on the Chinese economy composed of a think-tank of 40 academics, the director of the Institute of Digital Finance of the University of Peking illustrated three impacts that must be evaluated with regard to the massive adoption of the CBDC: those on financial intermediation, investments and general well-being, finance intelligence by CF40


Culture Warfare, the historical absence of ‘statehood’ and ‘national identity’, invoked by President Putin in the famous speech before the start of the Ukrainian invasion, is also perfected with the planed destruction of cultural heritage. This is what seems to be happening in Ukraine even if the doubts raised by independent observers are many, cultural intelligence

Rare Earths and intelligence agencies, the British government has set up an intelligence agency, the Critical Minerals Intelligence Center (CMIC), with the task of overseeing the development of scenarios concerning minerals that are critical for the country system and national security, economic intelligence

Transport, starting from the post-pandemic mess that is taking place over European skies, this analysis on the qualitative and quantitative environmental impact (pre-pandemic) of aircraft is interesting. The impact is related to the amount of people and goods that use the plane to get around, social intelligence by BBC

Video anomalies, compared to the standards set for the security of specific classes of infrastructures, is the algorithmic target of the IARPA DIVA project, security intelligence by IARPA

TikTok uses algorithms that make it possible to overcome the decision fatigue, that is the one that assails people with Netflix ‘What do I watch?’. Continuous purpose in an adult may be subject to temporal discernment, in a young person not for neuro-physiological reasons. This is a problem in several respects, social-network intelligence by Scott Galloway

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