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Innovation Intelligence Review #49

AI, The Risk Of Using The Big-One’s Neuronal API Services For Own Companies-Biotech: Synthetic Embryos From Mice Stem Cells-Blockchain…

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This Week:

  • AI, The Risk Of Using The Big-One’s Neuronal API Services For Own Companies
  • Biotech: Synthetic Embryos From Mice Stem Cells
  • Blockchain Hacking, The Weak Point Of Bridges
  • Crypto: 1️⃣ And War, Findings of Crypto Funding to Russian Paramilitaries; 2️⃣ The Differences Between BTC and ETH Miners Revenues
  • DESI, 2022 Report On Europe Digitization
  • Digital Human Rights And Israeli, The Google-Amazon AI Connection By Nimbus Project
  • Monitors Evolution, A Surprising Solution For The Simultaneous Display Of Different Information
  • Organization: Companies On The Cloud (Not Only For IT)
  • Social Media, How Facebook and Instagram Change: An Era Ends
  • Essay: 🧐 War On Cash
  • Idiots: 😡 Polish Academy of Sciences And Domestic Cats

AI and competitive risks, it is logical that, considering the costs even for a medium-sized company, it is unthinkable to activate a neuronal network of its own and train it: the question is even more valid for a start-up. Then we use the API services of the big-one neural networks that are open source but not free. However, there are many competitive risks, competitive intelligence by Future

Biotech, an Israeli research center produced mouse embryos, for the first time with brains and beating hearts, from skin stem cells in two-thirds shorter than normal gestation. The importance of the issue in the medium-term development of synthetic platforms for the regrowth of injured organs, bio intelligence

Blockchain Hacking, as I have been writing for a long time, interoperability between the various blockchains is one of the most sensitive points for the development of cryptecomy because it allows the various ecosystems to communicate. Now, finally and also thanks to the development, however embryonic, of Web 3, the bridge solutions are starting to be present on the market but, at the same time and due to their logical technical and managerial immaturity, they are proving to be weak points in the context of cybersec, crypto intelligence by Chainalysis

Crypto (1) And War, this analysis reports findings of crypto financing to Russian paramilitary groups for approximately USD 2.2 million. The weak point of the analysis, however indicative, is the inductive generalization of the connection between money flows and social profiles, therefore the recipients: not everything is proven and much is induced, crypto intelligence by Chainalysis

Crypto(2) one of the logical consequences of falling (pow-based) crypto values is that miners earn less. However, in the sector analysis it stands out that there are differences between the miners of the two main cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH: the periods in which the miners of the second earn more are increasingly frequent and longer, crypto intelligence by Beincrypto

DESI, the annual report of the EU on the digitization of the countries of the union is online: useful for the connected sub-sector ranks and for the country files, digital intelligence by EU

Digital human rights and Israeli, Nimbus is the project, which sees Amazon and Google on the one hand and the Israeli government on the other, for the provision of AI processes for national security purposes. Rattified a couple of years ago, it is now starting to bear fruit and, according to this summary study, they are not transparent in line with the opinions of the various human and digital rights associations that deal with the subject, big-brother intelligence by The Intercept

Monitors Evolution, a US start-up, made up of veterans from Microsoft and Disney in imagineering, has put an amazing product online. It is a monitor that can transmit different and personalized information (images) to up to 100 different target recipients simultaneously and, of course, in such a way that everyone sees only their own. All without wearing glasses or other supplementary devices. The personalization of the displayed information (and the obscuring of the other 99) takes place by pairing it with your own smartphone. The usefulness of such a device for facilities in which a large number of people with diversified needs pass and operate: in fact, Delta Airlines is testing the system at Detroit airport, innovation intelligence

Organization, for ten years I have been advising companies and professionals, in IT and knowledge production, to move the organization to the cloud, make it virtual and leave the necessary interpersonal relationships to places such as business centers and co-working. Thanks to the advance of remote working, it seems that the idea is finally taking hold even if Andreessen Horowitz has embraced it, organization intelligence

Social media new era, let’s take it, vulgarly and colloquially, remotely: Hick’s law says that the time to make a choice increases (logarithmically) with the number of choices available. If in a social network the management algorithm decreases the choices available, the user chooses (what to click) in less time and, for the same time spent on the platform, has more possibilities to click on what is proposed by the platform (rather than by his own preferences). In other words, TikTok. And in this sense Meta has announced how the proposition algorithms of Facebook and Instagram will change: in the foreground what is proposed by the platforms and beside one’s tastes, and that is what is proposed by ‘friends’ and ‘pages’ followed. So goodbye to social media as we have been used up to now, here and here for deepening, social network intelligence

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