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Innovation Intelligence Review #50

AI: 1️⃣ The Estonian Public Administration AI Civil Servant; 2️⃣ The Machine Learning Sec Problem-Cross-Border Payments Efficiency, A…

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This Week:

  • AI: 1️⃣ The Estonian Public Administration AI Civil Servant; 2️⃣ The Machine Learning Sec Problem
  • Cross-Border Payments Efficiency, A (Prejudicial) ECB’ Paper
  • Cryptocurrencies: 1️⃣ Crypto And Crime, A Dimensional Definition Problem; 2️⃣ Ethereum To 2.0: The First Fase, ‘The Merge’; 3️⃣ Adoption Forecasts From Now To 2050
  • De-Fi As Shadow Banking 2.0
  • Edible Metamaterials: The Tech-Functional Optimization Of Food
  • Privacy, PIM City Tools To Help People
  • Smart-Contract And Metamorphism, A problem
  • Essay 🧐: 1️⃣ Uploading The Mind To A Computer And Aspects Of Personal Identity; 2️⃣ The Algorithmic Anxiety: It Affects Everyone

AI (1), Bürokratt is the name (partly derived from the mythological legends of the country) of the public AI system serving Estonian citizens. If Bürokratt is expressed in the interface as a voice assistant or chatbot, in the plans of the digital nation par excellence, he wants to be much more. The idea is to make available to individuals and companies in the country a public stack of AI services not limited to bureaucratic tasks but also usable for competitive and personal purposes. To tell the truth, China is also doing the same thing, but the differences in size, in the articulation of social components and in the aims of the regime are such that Estonia can be the privileged laboratory to observe. As I pointed out at the time of the e-Reesidence project, even in this case there are lights and shadows: the main gray area is that, obviously, Estonia cannot bear all the costs of the project. The main partner with Bürokratt is Microsoft and, even if transparency is flaunted as the backbone of the project, it is necessary to see (as in e-Residency) at the end of the day ‘who gets what in exchange for’. To follow, social intelligence

AI (2) and security, in this interesting article the security problems of ML systems are addressed and given possible solutions , cybersec by Helpnetsecurity

Cross-Border payments, a recent ECB paper analyzes the efficiency of the various options, current and prospective. If on the side of the analysis and disclosure the analysis of technicalities is good, on the side of the conclusions, and of the reasons for which they are adopted, the prejudices towards crypto and stable coins are the main-drive. It could not be otherwise considering the ‘big brother’ nature that the European institution thinks it is authorized to have, no one knows by what right, towards citizens’ money. Fortunately, the volume and number of crypto and stable transactions, aimed at cross-border, and their progressive growth with the spread of dedicated tools are evidence that people are able to think with your own head, payments intelligence by ECB

Cryptocurrencies (1), the relationship between cryptocurrencies and crimes has always suffered from a problem of dimensional definition. The causes are above all objective: the characteristics of the technological process prevent conclusive or, at least, converging investigations on the phenomenon. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies can only be partially subject to the control methodologies used in the fiat money and financial market (digital and cash). Then there are the subjective causes: whoever pontificates in the matter is always spoiled by the motivational biases that push him to do so, and therefore tends to bring water to his mill. Finally, the media, for which crime rhymes with audience, cryptocurrencies intelligence by Coindesk

Cryptocurrencies (2) Ethereum, slowly the transformation, announced for years and after postponements and second thoughts, of the Ethereum network is taking shape in five steps. The first phase, The Merge, will transform the proof-of-work to proof-of-stake process and is expected to start in September; the second, The Verge, will allow to increase the number of transactions; the third, The Purge, will reduce the amount of historical data needed by the ledger to do its job, hence the network congestion and size of the files exchanged in transactions between nodes; the fifth, The Splurge, will optimize the entire system. Considering the path, not without problems and unknowns, through which we arrived at ‘The Merge’ it is good to observe, crypto intelligence

Cryptocurrencies (3), BTC adoption forecasts have been drawn up from now to 2050. The study, also cited by Forbes, is the work of a company in the sector and has the methodological value of predicting, starting from the analysis of the adoption times of other innovations with disruption characteristics . The note is that it is focused on BTC: very likely from now to 2050 the crypto par excellence will be replaced by something more efficient from different points of view, innovation intelligence by Blockware Solutions

Edible metamaterials, being Italian some time ago I wrote about the study to optimize the shape of the pasta according to cooking (times, consumption, homogeneity, …) and the predisposition to different condiments. Now it’s up to the chocolate. In general, edible metamaterials are the functional optimization of food allowed by technology for different purposes (environmental, storage …): not least the best way (shape, size, fragility …) to taste it. It is a different sector, but connected, from the production of ‘synthetic’ food: I have already talked about this in some previous posts and here you can have a summary (in Italian) of the main technological drives in place, innovation intelligence by Smithsonian

De-Fi actually has the traits that characterized the growth of the shadow banking phenomenon in 2008. This essay analyzes its characteristics and suggests solutions of stability, finance intelligence by Hilary J. Allen, Washington College of Law

Privacy, PIM City is a consortium, mainly Italian-Spanish, funded under Horizon 2020 which has set itself, in the context of privacy with a European connotation, to provide tools to the various stakeholders to facilitate compliance and compliance control of policies. It is not the cure of all ills, especially since with the end of funding the project and tools will die, but it is a good idea (free) to be exploited while it lives, privacy intelligence

Smart-contracts and metamorphosis: the immutability of automated executability under shared conditions is the founding feature of smart contracts. If the code, following the presence of a bug, is modified cosensually (between the parties) the action is logically legitimate. If it modifies itself with fraudulent purposes, because it was coded for this purpose from the beginning, we are in the presence of a metamorphic smart-contract. This in-depth analysis analyzes the characteristics of metamorphisms on Ethereum and proposes a recognition tool, crypto intelligence by a16z

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