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Innovation Intelligence Review #51

AI: 1️⃣ Prototyping On The Predictive Behavior of Social Groups; 2️⃣ The Evolution Of Chatbots In Light Of LLM Model-Crypto Regulation…

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This Week:

  • AI: 1️⃣ Prototyping On The Predictive Behavior of Social Groups; 2️⃣ The Evolution Of Chatbots In Light Of LLM Models
  • Crypto Regulation, Finally An Idea Of New Way
  • Dataverse, What Is That?
  • DLT, An Operational Model Of Digital Jurisdiction
  • Finance: 1️⃣ Investment, Financial Impatience As A Generalized Behavior; 2️⃣ International Bonds, The Chinese Point Of View On Issuance By Developing Countries
  • Supercomputer: The United States Returns To The Top Even If China …
  • Z-Gen And Communication in US: 1️⃣ A PEW Research On The Relationship Between Teens, Social Media And Technology; 2️⃣ The Political Activism Of Teenagers On TikTok;
  • Essay 🧐: The History Of Mass Social Engineering
  • I wish I had written it 😒: The Role Of Technology In Moral Revolutions

AI 1️⃣ and social computing. This research has as its starting point the design of a social simulacrum with its own initial rules (ML model) and observes the variations to the ‘What if?', social intelligence

AI 2️⃣ and chatbots, in light of Blender Bot 3’s launch, the Meta’s conversational AI prototype, the differences between traditional cheatbot models and those based on LLMs (Large Language Models) are explained. Still some way to go, AI intelligence by Jacky Liang

Crypto regulation, after years of writing that crypto asset regulation cannot follow the logic of traditional financial regulation, something seems to be moving. In this article, a hypothesis of an agency dedicated to crypto-rules: some good ideas, others not so good, crypto intelligence by Politico

Dataverse is the name under which the idea of creating DLT platforms that exclusively manage data stacks is being developed on the net by some pioneers. The nature of the data does not matter: through smart-contracts, which regulate both storage and use, they are available to the Web 3 specialized apps. From current and centralized data silos, in which the manager is responsible for their maintenance and use, we move to decentalized containers in which the data owner himself is responsible for management and use. It is an idea anything but extravagant in the current moment, in which the attention is focused on De-Fi, NFT and Metaverse: the main difficulty, also the reason for the foreseeable slow development, is for now the lack of interoperability between the different platforms that may use the data. An example of a platform at the link, innovation intelligence

DLT and digital jurisdiction, Jur is a Swiss company founded in 2018 by a group of young Italian lawyers: its mission has always been to offer models of justice that adapt to the needs imposed by smart-contracts for which, logically, off-line legislation is ineffective, inefficient and in any case always years late. Below is the presentation of a jurisdiction designed for the Web 3, legaltech intelligence by Jur

Finance 1️⃣ investment, in Italian we say pochi, maledetti e subito (a few, cursed and now)’ to indicate the financial impatience, the preference for smaller, immediate gains over larger, delayed ones. It was thought that this characteristic was commensurate with the level of income: it is not so. A study on 61 countries has shown that behavior is, generalizing, common to different income levels and the differential factor is the economic and financial conditions of the country in which one lives, and the expectations about them, financial intelligence by Nature Human Behavior

Finance 2️⃣ the international bonds, understood as the issuance of sovereign debt bonds in currencies other than the internal currency of circulation (usually USD and less often EUR), they are the subject of a paper by a Chinese academic. The study reflects the Chinese perspective on issues by developing countries and, in an extremely detailed manner, defines it as a trap for issuers highlighting, instead, the greater efficiency for them of bilateral and multilateral debts, finance intelligece by Tsinghua University Department of International Relations

Supercomputers, after being overtaken by Japan, the United States in the last semester returned to the top of supercomputers, according to TOP500 which takes care of the sector rank for 25 years. However, this dedicated newspaper article raises some doubts about China and the reasons for its non-presence at the top, computing intelligence by Financial Time

Z-Gen and communication 1️⃣, observing behaviors in the US digital ecosystem is always useful because, in most cases, they are either predictive or representative of the rest of the Western world. In this case, PEW carried out a comparative analysis (2014–15 / 2022) on different levels on the use of social media and devices among American teenagers, main-headlines: videos, videos apps and smartphones, communication intelligence by PEW

Z-Gen and communication 2️⃣, Z-Gen for Change is the example adapted to political activism of the above. Born as a TikTok pressure group, it is composed of influencers who embrace progressive causes: their compromise with the Biden administration is however raising some perplexity about the persistence of the initial spontaneity, communication intelligence by Politico

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